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History Rewritten

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

For those of you who didn’t understand what I meant when I said the movie Black Panther is changing the history of the Black Panther Movement in online archives.

Take time to read about Oceania in the Orwellian book 1984 and see how the Ministry Of Truth changed history consistently by changing old newspaper articles, getting rid of the original papers in the archives and reinforcing the new information as historic fact through radio. This is a function that books, movies, talk shows, newspaper articles, Google, Wikipedia, other search engines and information repositories do on a daily basis.

I have read articles, only to read them a few months later and the information has changed drastically, because what goes into these information repositories is only as good as the objective of the people uploading the information.

This is why now you are seeing the petty argument about what came first Black Panther the movement or the comic, yet we all know that the movement is what we associated the name Black Panther with for 50yrs. The job of erasing Black Panther the movement is underway in earnest and our kids will not know what Black Panther the movement was in a few years.

More importantly, erasing the Black Panther movement also erases the idea that black people have the strength and organization to stand up against the system of white supremacy, as they did before under the Black Panther Party, in one of the most dangerous chapters of white oppression in America.

The question is why is it important to mold our minds away from BPP today? What are they planning that needs black people to be pacified, compliant fantasy goofs?

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