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Beware of Cancer infested meat!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Check your food before you buy and consume. #BoerFarmingPractisesResultInBeefCancer

Whenever I go and buy meat, I always insist on my butcher cutting my meat fresh from the bone in front of me. Then when I get home I pack it myself into portions, which gets me to touch, smell and inspect the meat.

“So when you get it packed already, chances are they simply cut off tumors like this and give you the remainder BUT chances are the cancer is basically in the whole animal.”

I returned this batch today and I say, good luck to those who eat mince and woers because this is likely to go into making that. In SA it’s all about the Rand baba.....

Never take meat sitting in the display fridge, packs or mince because you will never know what you are getting. Insist on it being cut from the carcass and then pack it yourself at home. This means going to a proper butchery and not the chain stores.

Better yet, stay away from beef, pork, chicken and lamb in SA, our boer farmers are overdoing the alchemy [witchcraft]. Eat game or veg.

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