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In this picture, is #PaulKagame being trained by the CIA and the US Department of Defense at Fort Leavenworth US Army Command and General Staff College, to be a US military and intelligence asset in Africa.

Soon after this training, many believe that he came back and murdered his commander Fred Rwigiyema and began to command a renewed RPF invasion of Rwanda.

In August 1993, the RPF signed a peace agreement called the #ArushaPeaceAccord with the government of Habiyarimana, which would have brought into effect a Broadbased Transitional Government between Hutus and Tutsis.

However, Kagame was not content with Tutsis sharing power with the majority Hutus who he sees as inferior, so to sabotage the Peace Accord [a month later] on the 21st of October 1993, Kagame used his Tutsis CIA-trained assets in Burundi to assassinate the Burundian President, Melchior Ndadaye.

Six months later, on the 4th of April 1994, he directed the assassination of the replacement Burundian President (Cyprien Ntaryamira) and Rwandan President (Juvénal Habyarimana) by shooting down the French-owned plane they were using to fly back into Kigali.

On the instruction of the American government, Kagame had assassinated three African Presidents in less than seven months, despite a peace accord, to start a genocide that would sacrifice over a million African lives.

All this was done so that he could take power by force because he would have never succeeded in winning elections in Rwanda against a well-loved Hutu, Habiyarimana.

His RPF agents would then go on to murder Tutsis and later on Hutus, on an industrial scale in Rwanda, to justify RPF military intervention for him to takeover of power.

The unspoken RPF genocide upon Hutus, which eliminated over 600 000 Hutus, was to eliminate Hutu land owners so that the minority Tutsis (13% of the population) who had been refugees in Uganda, would takeover the most fertile land and resources in the country.

It was also to deprive majority Hutus factors of production (just like during colonialism), to keep them impoverished and to terrorize them into understanding that even though they were a numerical majority (85%), the Tutsis were capable of eliminating them.

For years, Kagame has also pursued Hutu refugees in Congo, resulting in never ending wars and pogroms against Hutu refugees and civilians in Congo, as a means to eliminate Hutu men and boys, to ensure that they never rise to fight Tutsi apartheid in Rwanda.

Kagame has exercised ruthless apartheid and ethnic cleaning in Africa and is the biggest threat to African unity because he is a CIA Manchurian candidate.

By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.