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Under an ANC government, they have allowed Jewish, Afrikaner and neo-Nazi terrorist militia to arm, train and become free standing private armies that are maintaining the apartheid order in South Africa.

All in the while the same government has made it difficult for their black citizens to get firearms and licenses because the people granting licenses in police stations continue to be boers and ex-apartheid police officers.

They have even permitted white farmers to have fully automatic weapons in a country where all others have semi-automatic weapons. A major reason why farm attacks are prevalent because criminals want these fully automatic weapons that the farmers are holding.


At the SABC and Multi Choice, white program directors strategically distract black minds with Zodwa Wabantu, nudity, mindless sex, homosexuality, US hip hop, SAB Miller ads and consumption focus.

Meanwhile the SANDF is running out of money and very infiltrated by boers, Jews, european tribes and their spies.

Our leaders are the BEE partners in the same white companies that are destroying small black companies and sponsoring the building of these private armies and white propaganda media houses to protect white interests.

They are the same people stalking the flames of black on black violence in our townships to protect white interests that put a few peanuts into their pockets to drive their gluttonous consumption.

Sabotage By Our Leaders

We are at war and our leaders are sabotaging our race interests and national security because they have been turned into defectors and enemy agents by money.

It’s like these politicians never read #TheArtOfWar or the history of colonial war in Africa to know what has happened through out history to divided natives who were outgunned by a few white invaders who control the sentiment of the people.

What military training did MK receive if they are going to allow a foreign invading guerrilla army or criminals against humanity to establish themselves around their citizens like this?

South Africa is a very wealthy nation for which the invader is still willing to kill the native. It shouldn’t take people like me to raise this security threat. And maybe because a layman like me is sending out the alarm, it might already be too late.

Kuyanyiwa, while the black South African and black Africans are being pitted against each other by the same leaders we protected in our homes when they were in exile.

And yes, we won’t fear to talk about exile because when it was needed we provided shelter and protection from harm to these leaders in true African culture.

It’s easy for some to say we are holding the ANC to ransom today because they survived the attacks of the enemy and you attained “political independence” today because of our sacrifice.

We need to wake up from this slumber my fellow African brothers and sisters, and yes, you South Africans are Africans even though sometimes you behave like you are not.

This is not why our homes were bombed and we were threatened with nuclear bombs by the apartheid government as we protected our fellow ANC leaders [who are using us as bait today] during the apartheid government’s #TotalStrategy on SADC countries.

We must unite or die Afrika and to hell with this attempt to divide us by colonial identities.

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