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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We have treacherous Zimbabwean citizens like MDC and Hopewell Chin’ono types. Their job is to sabotage the country and 17mil innocent people by advancing US and MDC propaganda;

to support enemies of the nation who are using economic weapons to collectively punish 17mil Zimbabweans to force them to vote for MDC in line with the US and EU regime change agenda; they remain silent about the multi-billion dollar/year economic sabotage being done by blue chip companies like Econet, Ecocash, Innscor, Delta, Old Mutual, Zimplats and other such companies [controlled by US Blackstone, Vanguard and Old Mutual and their white South African proxies like Liberty, Imara and Investec] that are committing economic crimes in Zimbabwe by transfer pricing, externalizing money and money laundering.

• They remain silent about this sabotage because they are paid by US vulture capital interests in these companies to turn a blind eye, as this financial sabotage is designed to get the US and EU to blacklist our financial system since they are planning to remove unjustifiable and illegal sanctions BUT to maintain economic pressure on the country by blacklisting our financial markets for non-compliance with international money laundering and anti-terrorism financial regulations.

Then when we point out to MDC supporters that they are destroying lives, the economy and future or the nation through #TerrorismBySanctions, #WarBySanctions and #DivisionByPropaganda to force people to vote for them;

• and that their terrorism by sanctions has killed tens of thousands of people including their leader, his wife and daughter who were deprived of quality healthcare and emergency services;

• displaced over 4mil people into being refugees outside Zimbabwe;

• and that this has advanced the impact of our colonial legacy and will only benefit our enemies and not the nation.

Like heartless varungu with no hunhu,

• the MDC terrorist totally disregards our pleas and the damage caused by their colonial sanctions through the loss of tens of thousands of human lives, hundreds of billions of US dollars, the destruction of infrustructure, deindustrialization, lost innovation, lost ideas, lost solutions to Zimbabwean problems, lost development, lost tax revenue, lost entrepreneurs and

• 17 million human rights violated by sanctions.

The MDC terrorist cites US embassy propaganda about unsubstantiated allegations of politicians abusing human rights, DRAX, command agriculture, the disproved $15bil Marange diamonds saga and other such frivolous claims that have not been tested in any court, as the justification for partnering with our enemies [racist former colonizers who want our land and resources] to COLLECTIVELY PUNISH 17mil people illegally: murder them by hunger; deprive them of healthcare, sanitation, clean water, jobs, humanitarian aid and cause the resultant fragmentation of society designed to *cause civil unrest* for the west to invade our country.

Like seriously? These people want to convince us that allegations [not proved by any court anywhere in the world] of corruption and claims of human rights abuses, justifies the collective punishment of 17mil innocent Zimbabweans who are the alleged victims of these crimes? What law in the world advocates the mass punishment of victims of crimes against humanity and corruption by sanctions?

What kind of nation are we that tolerates this level of treason that leaves such propaganda [mental warfare] to go unpunished? Our nation‘s security apparatus is endangering the nation by being lenient on internal enemies of the state, traitors and defectors, as such leniency might lead us into a civil war in which more innocent Zimbabweans will die because they have allowed this cancer of treason to become fashionable.

In the US, MDC and people like Hopewell Chin‘ono [think Edward Snowden or Vanunu in Israel] would be flagged as traitors and terrorists for cooperating with enemies of the state, lying to the nation about sanctions and most of their members would have been arrested or executed through the USA PATRIOT ACT or Logan Act.

We need to enforce our national security laws NOW because every Zimbabwean is mandated by the constitution to be loyal to the nation, flag and constitution and they are obligated to defend the nation in times of war.

Sanctions are war so everyone must be defending the nation from this foreign economic war, and those working with the enemy by focusing national attention on internal corruption [as was done by Thomas Nhari or Snowden in America] to avoid defending the nation from foreign attack [sanctions] are committing treason.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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