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Why Private Corruption Is More Critical Than Political Corruption.

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

One of the major reasons I waste little time going after political corruption in Africa is because they are small fish.

They are not the biggest threat to the welfare of the citizens of a nation in the bigger scheme of things because they don‘t have the capacity to exploit national resources without the enablement of private capital.

I have discovered over time that private capital is the one that corrupts our politicians to give it control to exploit our resources and people at the expense of national interests are the biggest threat to humanity and our futures.

Since slavery and colonialism, it was private charter companies, merchants and banks that facilitated the corruption of morality and systems for the accumulation of wealth by a few capitalists.

Their interests in exploitation for profit, their ability to put taxes in the coffers of government, their capacity to finance mercenaries and their propensity to corrupt public office bearers enables them to mobilize national armies, start wars, kill millions of innocent people, impose sanctions (economic warfare) and blockades for the profit of a few individuals.

To date it is said that less than 89 000 individuals control more than 50% of the human, financial and natural resources of the world.

They are the ones that are enslaving people, creating scarcity, depleting resources, creating debt, causing wars, destroying forests, poisoning food, polluting the air and rivers causing the illnesses and climate change like the cyclones we are experiencing in Africa today.

The sanctions upon 16mil Zimbabweans were imposed at the whim of less than 10 private British, European and American capitalist (who lost land they illegally settled in Rhodesia during colonialism), together with the banks and companies that offered them services.

Politicians are just instruments (puppets) for global private capital interests that seek to exploit us. Unless they are Zimbabwean politicians that are under sanctions for refusing to serve capital interests.

What is problematic though is capital is there to serve individuals and not national interest. It wields so much power yet we as the people never gave it our mandate neither is there a parliament or body that can hold it accountable to uphold national interests even though our constitution says national interests must trump individual interests.

This is why I spend my time holding private capital accountable so that we manage the influence private individuals have on our politicians and the decisions they make about distributing our resources.

By Rutendo Matinyarare.

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