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Witchcraft Of Art

Art is more than the eye can see. At the best of times good art work incorporates the quadrivium: universal geometry, arithmetic, music and astrology to produce resonance which is felt on the spiritual level. An aspect inherent in all initiated types of art: architecture, painting, music, sculpture and dance.

Put another way. Paintings of the greats contain musical notes, carry hidden geometric proportions that are aligned to astrological bodies, encapsulating arithmetic harmonic numbers and musical notes.

Together they compose a language that transcends dimensions to evoke energy, spirits or communion with entities across dimensions and realms.

Giving those who harness, use or own these means of communication the power to channel or access ancient, supernatural power, knowledge, authority and wealth.

In many ways this explains the domination of the world by a few people, usually white males. Their power is not physical, it’s esoteric, given them by spiritual entities channeled through vessels like art among many.

People do not pay billions for art because it looks good. They buy power, portals and channels into spiritual realms. Such artwork is the equivalent of the proverbial talisman or chikwambo in African culture, which is believed to channel power, wealth, influence and control.

This is why Cecil John Rhodes made an effort to buy as many Zimbabwe birds, going to the extent of using the bird as the symbol for the Rhodes Foundation.

Dovetailing with Chamisa suggesting that the birds have a spiritual significance, albeit his assertion does not mirror how the birds affected Rhodes. Whose possession of them gained him wealth and dominion over Zimbabwe to the extent that till today, Zimbabwe is still spiritually subjugated by the spirit and works of Rhodes.

There is a reason he took those birds which goes beyond esthetics and visual inspiration. We are talking esoteric ladies and gentlemen, magic [dark spirituality] in short. This feeds directly into the topical issue of the western cathedrals that have those alien looking statues that everyone is asking about.

Our world is a compliment of spiritual and physical dimensions that are connected by numbers, sound, symbols, geometry and astrology. Something closely related to the subject of algorithms, AI and technology. A subject for another day.

In conclusion, the most renowned artworks in the world are not created by artists but by alchemists, warlocks and wizards who understand the secrets of spiritual language.

By Rutendo Matinyarare

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