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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Zimbabwe has always had a very efficient and professional army consisting of 16 different tribes. In 1981 a group of 1500 demobilized Zipra fighters launched an attack on Bulawayo townships to kill Zanla fighters and Zanu supporters [shonas] because they were disgruntled about not receiving positions in the new order. In less than 24hrs, the Africa Rifles division of the former Rhodesian army, then designated the ZNA [Zimbabwean National Army] had neutralized 250 insurgents and routed the rest without casualties.

Point being. If the ZNA with its jets, tanks, artillery, automatic rifles and skilled soldiers wanted to massacre 2mil Ndebeles with prejudice, they wouldn’t have killed only 20 000 in 4yrs when Hutus killed 1mil Tutsis with machetes in 6mths. They would have wiped out Matebeleland for all the women, men and cows stolen and enslaved by Mzilikazi, BUT they didn’t because a professional government and army made up of different tribes would never massacre the people they were chosen to protect.

The narrative of the massacre of 20 000 Ndebeles by the Zimbabwean government is apartheid government [white] media propaganda disproved by a CIA report together with reports from the Catholic Commission, Amnesty International, Lawyers for Human Rights New York, SA Truth And Reconciliation and Bulawayo Legal Project. This is why no person has ever successfully registered a case with any local, international court, body or tribunal on this claim of Ndebele massacres in Zimbabwe.

Gukurahundi was a civil war that killed 3500 people, it was in many ways a fight for power by certain Zipra elements catalyzed by the apartheid government, hence in 1988 Zanu and Zapu signed an armistice [a laying down of arms by one or more sides] and amnesty [forgiveness of all those soldiers involved]. Why would a side that wasn’t involved in hostilities lay down arms? From there PF Zapu and Zanu formed Zanu PF and not too long after apartheid fell.

Zimbabweans, let’s stop dividing ourselves with colonial, tribalist lies about a massacre that never happened.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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