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What Inspires Rutendo

I realize that at the base of the pyramid of exploitation, are my people. My people, the wretched of the earth, those whose skin resembles the night, those from the continent of aether. 

Just by the pigment of our skin, we are hated. Just because of our heritage as the progenitors of humanity, we are despised. And I believe that the reason for that is the spirit of life, that of the dark universe which resides in us that makes us the antithesis of the anti-life spirit that reigns over our world today.

My war, our war as dark-skinned people, is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and evil which I believe we were created to overcome.

I realize, that without my race raising up from being the pillaged and exploited of the world, to being contributors of unique ideas, products, and solutions, emanating from a spirit of life. There is no hope for humanity.

We as Africans are an integral cog in the machine of life, endowed with the original seed of life... that seed which WAS in the darkness before all (including light) came into being. 

Until this seed assumes its rightful place in the story of humanity, to contribute its wisdom, to reverse the corruption in the system. Until the mothers of the world begin to Mother the world again and her children rise to become what they were destined to be. Then humanity is on a one-way journey to extinction.”

On this page, with this pen, I stand up as a citizen of the world. I stand up as the son of the mother of the world, ready to travel back in time through my darkness [my melamine] into the conscience of the universe, to vomit the thoughts, emotions, inspirations and ideas it gives. Hoping to induce a recollection and reconnection between humanity and its origins.

I am the son of Bendekenya Bereza, a descendant of the nation of Mutapa. As I walk my journey to discover who I am and establish the purpose I was brought forth to fulfill. I share my journey, thoughts and insights with those around me and my circle of influence, in the hope that my small ambition to change the world starts with a journey of discovery. 

“As a man I seek to die having fulfilled my destiny to humanity, not having consumed much.”

Rutendo Speaks!



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