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Who we are

The Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement (“ZASM”), is a civil organization, established to fight against western imperialism through the advancement of African unity and development.


As a Zimbabwean organization, we realize that before we can start building an Africa we want, and African unity, we must remove the negative effects of centuries of imperialism on the continent. This means we have to fight back against economic warfare (sanctions), negative sentiment, false propaganda, ignorance, and economic sabotage, which seeks to force regime change in Zimbabwe.



ZASM was registered as a nonprofit organization in South Africa in 2021 and plans to expand throughout the continent.


The organization is an amalgamation of organizations and individuals from different anti-sanctions institutions like Coalition Against Sanctions, ZUAUWS (Zimbabweans United Against US War Sanctions), prominent lawyers, and business people who have been in the forefront of the anti-sanctions fight over the past few years.


The directors of the institution have a combined experience of over 10 years fighting sanctions, serving Zimbabwe and championing brand Zimbabwe.

For more information on ZASM please visit our website ZASM

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