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When you observe the map of Africa, it becomes evident that the entire region north of Sudan, comprises countries historically colonized by Arabs. Yet, what many Africans may not consider is the transformation of these once predominantly dark-skinned African territories, into regions now inhabited primarily by light-skinned Arabs with slender noses adapted to cooler climates.

What happened to the original, dark-skinned, wide-nosed African inhabitants, often referred to as Berbers, who historically were adapted to dwelling in the hot climates of Arabia and North African territories?

The historical truth unveils a grim narrative. The dark-skinned individuals who were well adapted to hot climates of Africa and the Middle East, were systematically decimated, displaced and replaced, by Arabic ethnic cleansing, violence and even selective breeding, resembling the tactics of Anglo-Saxon ethnic cleansing in America.

So, who exactly are these Arabs? They represent a mixture of Romans, Greeks, Ottoman Turks [hence their slender noses] and Arabians, who arrived in Arabia, displaced the indigenous dark-skinned Berbers and eventually settled in what we now call Palestine and other parts of the Middle East.

Once they became a majority in Arabia, they then began a westward expansion into North Africa, repeating the cycle of ethnic cleansing that removed the darker-skinned, wide nosed Berbers, leaving behind a majority of light-skinned, slender nosed Eurasians or Arabs in these regions as well.

Where does the Islamic religion I mentioned yesterday, fit into this narrative? This religion became a tool used to deify (make godlike) and cement Arabic culture in the conquered territories, erasing the indigenous African peoples, their religions and cultures.

Shockingly, Arabic colonialism and slavery in North Africa, proved to be more devastating to African cultures, religions and populations than European colonialism on the African continent, because at no point did Europeans ever successfully decimate African peoples to a point of replacing them with their own, as Arabs did in North Africa.

This history of the physical and cultural annihilation of Africans by Arabs in North Africa, reveals that Arabs (Muslims) have posed the biggest significant threat to African existence in history and Africans are oblvious of this fact.

Even today, their strategy revolves around converting Africans to Islam through peace and words, but meanwhile, secretly they harbor hidden intentions of conversion by ethnic cleansing, violence and persecution if peace doesn’t work. Their ultimate goal being to establish a Muslim caliphate on the African continent, dominated by light-skinned Muslims, much like they did in North Africa.

This explains the emergence of Islamic militants such as Al-Sunna in Mozambique, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to obstruct Mozambique's gas industry. We witness Al-Shabaab causing havoc in East Africa, Muslims systematically targeting dark-skinned Africans in Sudan and extremist groups like Boko Haram and the Fulani in Nigeria, committing pogroms against non-Muslims. These factions, often influenced by Western powers, contribute to the destabilization of Africa.

When our historical oppressors clash, we must remember that they have never fought for our well-being. In fact, individuals like Tipo Tipo, an Arab slave trader, were complicit in selling Africans into chattel  slavery, while slaves were collected by Jewish ships and traders who took them to the Americas.

Moreover, no Arab countries have ever helped Zimbabwe fight against western sanctions by giving us fuel or loans, neither have they assisted South Africa to save Eskom or fight against white monopoly or western sabotage.

So why should we care about Palestinians or Israelis any more than they care about us? They are both oppressors so let us leave them to neutralize each other.

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George Shire
George Shire
13 okt. 2023

On Palestine. All I can say is that I have never in my entire life had read so much garbage and muddled up thinking like this. No Pan African worth that name can afford to fail to understand that the plight of Palestinian’s right to self determination is no different from the African continent and that of the entire global south.