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Meet #TichChakurama, a successful truck owner who manages over 12 trucks running between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Tich was an orphan who had lived on the streets of Harare until he was adopted by the Rudland family.

At about the same time, #SimonRudland, who had started his logistics business in the early 1990s, had also lost his bus conductor from illness and he left behind his daughter, Esther Samuthsa.

Simon then decided to adopt Tich and Esther as his foster children. He sent them to Alex Park for primary school and Vainona High School for high school.

Despite not being much of an academic, Tich had a natural knack for fixing machines just like his adoptive father, Simon. So, after completing his high school, he decided to undertake an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic, and after completing his program, he became a leading, award-winning, diesel mechanic at Scania South Africa.

Eventually, after hitting the ceiling at Scania, Tich expressed his desire to leave for Australia to join his sister. However, Simon who owned Clan, Swift, Bak Storage and Pioneer Transport among other buinesses, was flourishing in the logistics space in Zimbabwe, so he encouraged Tich to stay in Africa to take advantage of the opportunities.

As an incentive, Simon offered to buy Tich his first Scania truck to start a trucking business, and this was the beginning of Tich's business success.

In less than a decade, Tich has expanded his fleet to over 12 trucks, paving the way to becoming one of Africa's future leading entrepreneurs.

Today, on Simon's birthday, we reflect on the fact that from the destitution of living on the streets of Harare, Tich has risen to become a truck owner who is likely to thrive in Africa as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) develops and goods need to be transported all across the region.

Simon has been an influential mentor and sponsor to Tich, and he has played a significant role in his success. This story is an inspiring example of how mentorship can change a smart and grateful person’s life for the better.

Happy Birthday Simon, and thank you for your great contributions to Zimbabwe. As for Tich, you are a hero my brother.

This is a good Zimbabwean story. #TellingTheGoodZimbabweStory.

By Rutendo Matinyarare.

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