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Black Panther The Trojan Horse

One of the greatest indictments on Black Panther is it should be an African production by Africans for Africans.

More critically, because it was not made by Africans for African. It is a fiction aimed at erasing the true super heroes founded by Huey P Newton to stand against white brutality in American black communities in 1966. They were known as the Black Panthers and they were real. Coincidence?

It’s clear that this movie is geared to erase true history with an overbearing fiction targeted at the minds of generation C, that lives off online games and Netflix as their back up memory.

In another year you will Google Black Panther and nothing will come up on Huey P Newton’s Black Panthers. All that will be there will be the bubble gum fiction that we are all celebrating and searching online. Inevitably setting the future SERPs [search engine results pages] for the keyword. A chapter in black history is being erased, rewritten and forgotten with our collaboration as we speak.

If Wishes Were Horses.......

As Africans, we have the propensity to have produced a reality based Black Panther movie here in Africa because Nollywood is the biggest film production institution in the world. Sitting in the biggest African economy where African talent is abound.

As we have seen, Indians produce their own global blockbusters for their own 1.4bil audience in Bollywood. With those productions they have produced a vibrant film production and marketing industry with millionaire actors and actresses gaining international acclaim. However, the critical point is they are telling and archiving their own stories and history, that way building national identity and collective memory.

So why haven’t we as Africans produced our own movies in Nollywood for primarily our own 1.4bil international black population and the world, in the biggest economy in Africa?

Rich in oil, black capital ownership, the biggest music industry in Africa and an indomitable spirit of Nigerian courage. Nollywood would be a fitting destination to build a world class, global black story telling [film industry] on the continent.

It is estimated that $3.5tril of African wealth is sitting in our African American, African diaspora and African populations. A great percentage of which is being invested in western economies, cannibalize the black economy and bolstering the white capital monopoly monolith. A fraction of $3.5tril is enough potential capital that could be invested in building global African production houses for the production and marketing of our own world class stories.

Such funds could have been used to create a movie based on the true Black Panthers of our race like Huey P Newton’s Black Panthers, Jaja of Opobo, Bambatha kaMancinza, Steve Biko, Magamba Tongogara, Namdi Azikwe, Kwame Nkurumah, Ahmed Ben Bella, Mao Mao, Malawi’s Lundu Kings or Changamire Dombo of the Rozvi.

Missed opportunity.

Nevertheless, the fact is Black Panther was not produced in Africa by Africans for Africans. A lost window of opportunity to inspire the black mind with our true heritage. Instead it was a make-belief, produced in America by Africans under the instruction of the Jewish owners of Walt Disney and Hollywood white marketing executives. To erase a real chapter of African history. The opportunity cost being we continue to have our cognition mapped by people who strive to occupy our minds and continue our oppression.

An African Eurocentric fantasy was told using Jewish money in a Hollywood dedicated to erasing our history to serve a white agenda. With this acclaimed movie, a Trojan horse has been reinstituted in our African conscience and a chapter of our history is going up in flames. All this because the African American heros we are touting as having produced the movie won’t put their own money into growing a grassroots African movie industry independent of white influence.

So because we as Africans, with all the Michael Jackson trusts, Jays, Diddies, Oprah’s, Michael Jordans, Dangote’s, Sawari’s and Masiyiwas, will not pool our African diaspora wealth to create a public listed Africa production house. Our stories keep being infused with a European perversion, shot through the lenses of European linear thinking, while they opportunistically erase our history. To placate us and win our dollars, they gave us an all black slave cast and producer [house ni**ar] who are simply following masters’ instruction, and we accepted them as the bribe for erasing our history.

We prefer to continue to live on the plantation of thought manipulation because our esteemed black directors and producers want Hollywood fame, fortune and white audiences more than saving our legacy. This, even though they fully understand that Hollywood serves the agenda of white supremacy and its global bodies of control.

Mind Control And Influence

Hollywood is not for us, was never for us and has never been about lifting black people. It continues to be the center of MK Mind Kontrol and history revision on behalf of white supremacy and the global world order. Our blacks in Hollywood and entertainment are supposed to be aware of this reality and should be working to give us the alternative to this “ministry of truth”’in this 1984 totalitarian global state.

You may fight against these realities but can anyone of you explain to me why African Americans and Africans in general are mentally and spiritually weaker today than they were during the era we didn’t have access to TV and movies?

Eras when we had real heros like Trussaint Louvretture in the Haitian slave uprising, Sekhukhune uprisings against the Boer, Nehanda and Kagivi in the First Zimbabwean Chimurenga, Sol Plaatji in the formation of the ANC, Black businessmen in Tulsa Oklahoma Black Wall Street , Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah with Pan Africanism, Malcom X and the civil rights movement, Black Panthers and the African war heros in the struggle for liberation?

It’s because we didn’t have our minds occupied, controlled and hypnotized then as we do today. We were driven by our spirits then. Our history was not revised and today we have lost our spirits, identity, nationalism and consciousness, to conform to the globalist agenda of hedonistic self pleasure and consumerism. Albeit we remain the base of exploitation upon which the white world stands.

Our communities have become ravaged by post-colonial European decadence resulting in alcoholism, drug addiction, unwanted pregnancies, single parenthood, viral illnesses, divorces and abortions that have attenuated our social fiber, cohesion and will for emancipation. When you assess this degradation, you will quickly find that black societies most exposed to the western wizardry of TV, western music, revisionist history and movies are the most plagued.

South Africans and black Americans are the most exposed black societies to American culture. They also happen to be the most taken by the Black Panther craze and its no wonder they are some of the most dysfunctional black communities in the world. Plagued by feminism, fatherless children, violence, rape, murder, child abuse, single parent homes, high divorce, drugs, debt and black illiteracy.

When these communities try to analyze why they are dysfunctional, they often struggle to understand the cause because the weapons being used against them are unseen. They are psychological special operations [special military ops] that implant viruses deep in their cerebral without their consent. What we don’t understand is consent is given when we allow our oppressors to inject their spirituality and culture into our minds through what we think is entertainment. This is the purpose of Hollywood, the occupation of our minds, to infect them with a seeds to destroy our spirituality, culture and values through sub-conscious stimuli [mind control].

It’s warfare and Black Panther is the Trojan Horse, the Atomic Bomb to supplant the awakening project.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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