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Ciex Report

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

How many of you have ever heard about the Ciex Report? It's a report written by a company [Ciex] owned by an ex-British MI6 spy: Michael Oatley, on monies [+R30bil] that the #Broederbond corruptly channelled into Broederbond related organizations, international arms companies and international secret bank accounts from the Reserve Bank of South Africa before and after independence.

In it people like Johann Rupert, Chris Stal, Marinius Daling, Danie Cronje, and Anton Rupert are implicated as members of the Broederbond and ex-members of the SAB.

They are claimed to have been involved in the ABSA life boat which is part of this report and the movement of billions of US dollars worth of South African gold to western banks without the proceeds making their way back to South Africa.

When you read Stephen Goodson’s “Inside The South African Reserve Bank“ he alleges that it was more than $240bil of South African gold was siphoned into Swiss and American banks between 1986 and 2008 these same men.

This is gold that has never been returned or credited to South African accounts by the Americans, Swiss or Europeans.

The book goes on to suggest that as much as 50t of gold a year were lost to theft by senior politicians, members of the security cluster and those trading the gold on behalf of the reserve bank.

Suffice to say the $230bil amount does not come up in the CIEX report. Instead it references a total theft to the tune of $43bil that is sitting in various foreign banks in cash and gold.

The document also goes on to outline the corrupt collusion of foreign gvts and collusion of companies in France, Germany and Switzerland that benefitted from the proceeds of apartheid during UN imposed sanctions. A direct contravention of international law.

This was done through activities such as illegal sanction busting; the selling of weapons to the apartheid gvt at a premium; the buying of South African gold from the SA Reserve Bank by Swiss Banks and the opening of private accounts for stolen money for apartheid leaders, arms dealers and sanction busters in Germany, Switzerland and France.

These European gvts and their corporates alike made huge profits from apartheid while South Africa -which actually belongs to the natives of the country and not the European and Jewish criminals pillaging it in perpetuation of a crime against humanity- was left with nothing but $25bil of apartheid debt.

According to this report, most of these monies remain in these locales, off shore banks in Panama, Jersey USA, the Caymans till this day but you will never hear anything about it in the media.

The report was subsequently given to the Mandela ANC gvt in 1997, who then gave it up for review to Judge Willem Heath and a number of other forensic experts like Gobodo. International British and American legal and banking experts were also consulted and they agreed on the findings and felt the SA gvt could proceed and recover the monies.

Gvt then came back and said it no longer had money to pursue the matter or pay for Ciex consultancy. Ciex in turn offered to recover the monies on contingency for a percentage of the money recovered. Nevertheless, the Mandela gvt opted not to pursue the issue and canceled the Ciex contract.

WHY was the CIEX contract cancelled? What has the Broederbond got over our government to get away with such impunity?

One of Ciex's main objectives at the time of South Africa independence. A time when most western countries were afraid to invest in South Africa out of fear of the acclaimed black corruption.

Was to show up the hypocrisy of western investors and white corporates who were not deterred from

investing in South Africa when it was perpetrating a crime against humanity or in contravention of UN sanctions when it was under sanctions.

Because the profits from South Africa were so lucrative: up to twice as much as other parts of the world because of the systematic exploitation of black labor facilitated by the legislated crime of apartheid.

More insidiously european companies, the United States and governments kept supporting the apartheid government to maintain white supremacy in Africa which might have everything to do with why the report has been muzzled.

White supremacy is still being protected at all cost in South Africa courtesy of the ANC and now with Matemela and the alleged bought judges it’s safe.

By Rutendo Matinyarare

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