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Impoverishment By Economic Warfare

Understanding how embargoes and sanctions destroyed Haiti, and keep Haiti poor today, will help you understand how sanctions have been used in the same way against Zimbabwe.

However, more important to understand is the principle at play here: No black nation that fights for freedom from imperialism can be let to succeed because then the system of imperialism would be challenged by every other oppressed nation and it would collapse.

So the solution imperialists have for black nations and leaders with an ideology of black emancipation is isolation and stopping them from trading with the world. Starvation by exclusion from economic activity or markets, essentially.

World domination by imperialism is today the same as it was in 1803 (date of Haitian independence), just that today slavery results from engineered exclusion from economic activity [instead of military force] so that all of a target people can be forced labor or captive states.

This by the way is against the UN resolutions and international law: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as it takes away a nation’s rights to self determine and develop economical to give its citizens the rights of dignity, equality and security against want.

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