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Master And Doctors Or Colonial Administration

As I sit, I laugh at those bragging about black PHDs, CAs, LLMs and MBAs.....correctly known as MDCAs, Masters & Doctors of Colonial Administration.

In land, no economy, no authentic black businesses, no black banks, no black insurers, no black universities, no decolonized education, food owned by Americans and no control of resources.....All in the while our black masters and doctors increase exponentially in number, consolidating gatekeeping for the master.

Contrast that with Afrikaner PHDs, schooled in their own language, in their own universities. A handful of them successfully afrikanerized South Africa from 1949 to date through the Afrikanerbond [Broederbond], to build Afrikaner schools, universities; raising Afrikaner control in mining, banking, farming, insurance, politics and media in South Africa.

In 23yrs since the founding of the Broederbond in 1918. Afrikaners won, by brains and organization, the unified federation of South Africa from the English in 1949 through the muscle of institutions like Pepkor, SABC, Nedbank, ABSA, Sanlum, De Nationale Pers, Volkskas, politicians and parastatal control. All courtesy of mega boer minds like Dr Hendrick Verwoerd, Dr Gerrit Viljoen, Dr Du Plessis, Dr Nicolaas Diederiches and many more cerebral power houses.

In the Afrikaner we see the use of PHD mind power to produce intellectual, measurable output for Afrikaner advancement, while the black PHD/graduate is a pompous, mentally inept administrator of colonialism in the education system, universities, white businesses, on white corporate boards, politics and NGOs due to a bankrupt neo-liberal miseducation from which no discernible output of black progress can be measured.

Our black anti-heros star Dr Blade Nzimande, Dr Makhozi Khoza, Dr Ndlozi, Dr Ngcuka and many more useless Drs in the Rhodes federal colony of South Africa who can't even change the name of the colony.

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