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Black South Africans Dancing Themselves Into Extinction

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

We Are At War

South Africa is caught up in a war for resources which black people are losing. Sadly, most black people have absolutely no clue that this war is actually taking place. A trajedy that most are likely to realize only when blood starts flowing on the street or the nation has been partitioned by white secession.

The critical question being: why are so many black people oblivious of this obvious reality, yet weapons of debt, exploitation, legislative capture, total spectrum domination, propaganda, consumerism and the latest military weapons are being deployed openly against us? Why can’t we see?

It’s because we are under hypnosis, busy dancing and guzzling the intoxicating portions of AB Inbev, which have us copulating, having unwanted babies and amassing consumption debt as we imbibe the toxic indoctrination of ritual entertainment and western education. Additionally we are slowly being poisoned by the food and pharmaceuticals that we are being administered for good measure.

Our Mental Occupation Starts At Birth

As a consequence of our siege, four in every five black children born in South Africa is born to a single mother without a father, courtesy of our alcohol charged sexual escapades.

Each child arrives into the world already captive to the vices that were infused in us by caucasian spells. Indebtedness, consumption, alcoholism and indoctrination become the dominant traits in their engineered dna. Self-hate and helplessness establish themselves as the umblical cord that links them to the bad habits of their parents.

Politicians Sold Us For A Song

Our political principles are equally genetically defective, caught up in a consumption trap driven by their love for finer things and sponsorship from their white captors, who push them to sell us an unjust constitution of pillage as an inheritance to the same people it disenfranchises.

The role models and leaders of our people are the same morally bankrupt types who are all for sale to the highest bidder. Workers unions no longer represent the workers but the individual interests of their leaders that emanate from their cooption into equity ownership in white monopoly entities using the contributions of its victims.

Like Nelson, black elites sellout by receiving a retainer to window dress the boardrooms of charter companies to give them BEE license to pillage with impunity and access deals from which black businesses are shutout.

Their reward enables them to continue to mortgage more of the nation’s resources, further impoverishing their masses in return for mansions in estates, Louis Vuitton handbags, braai packs, security fenses, holidays overseas and car financed BMWs as Rupert sarcastically put it.

The Enemy Is Already At War

Meanwhile, as we binge, dance, fcuk and consume, the enemy’s hatred festers. He is observing, disciplined, measured, planning, training, amassing capital, destroying & corrupting our institutions and depleting our resources in exchange for consumption debt in a conspiracy to leave us bankrupt, as he maneuvers to take back "The Volkland".

Our Resources Are Not Ours

He has full access to our resources, however, for locals to sell [for example] South African coal, they must apply for a mandate from foreign head offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and London, where the administrators have no social sensitivity or obligation to honor the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged of this nation.

Moreover, exporting that coal would prove impossible once you realize that all the slots to ship coal from Richards Bay belong to Glencore, Anglo, Exxaro and other wealthy white mining monopolies.

But, what does it matter? The rightful owners of these resources don’t seem to care about owning resources. All they seem to care about is jobs to earn wages that afford them the luxury of consumption.

Resources Are Being Depleted

This is despite numbers pointing to resources running out at a rapid pace, with the nation left with less than 30yrs of hard to access gold. Low sulphur RB2 coal has become almost impossible to find, while iron ore is dwindling to reserves estimated to be now well below 30yrs.

Platinum has lost its luster as the recycling, stockpiling and substitution in industrialized nations have ensured that they have adequate stocks for the forseeable future.

All we have to show for this unrelenting looting are shiny suits, handbags, fake accents, MBAs, depreciating motor vehicles, debt as inflated as our bellies, diabetes, anti-retrovirals, null assets and no sovereign wealth to advance the nation once the resources are depleted soon.

We Have No Black Nation

In our individual profiteering and debt accumulation, we forgot to build ourselves a black economy. Hence, the only business options open to most black executives after leaving corporate South Africa are making music, producing brainwashing soapies, talent recruitment for white corporates, tenderpeneuriship, event management; car wash, bottle store, chisanyama ownership or panty/boxerpreneurship, but never capital ownership.

We have destroyed ourselves by being complicit with a blood sucking system. Our participation assisting the vampire to find the jugular quicker. Today blacks are poorer and more fragmented than ever, remaining aloof to the plight of others, without realizing that our destinies are all intertwined.

We are non-the-wiser about sanctions and wars besetting our neighbors like Zimbabwe or the relationship these geopolitical events have on our own existence or the presence of the ominous US military base in Botswana that exists souly to protect white supremacy in the region.

The West Is United In Our Exploitation

The irony is scathing. We don’t care about our own common [African] plight even though it affects our tomorrow. However, Americans care enough about the scum of the white race [the Boer] to the extent of putting their military assets in our backyard, assisting in the arming of the Boer to prevent them from being dislodged from this resource center.

We are doomed from the curse of a blackman: shortsightedness, the lack of vision, the lack of strategic planning and our self loathing. Our most educated leaders being the worst of the colonial administrators.

The Apartheid Government Is Alive

It was our beloved president after all who built Bidvest into an anti-trust monopoly that cannibalizes small black businesses, never sourcing services from blacks or any other race because like any other Jewish enterprise, they exist to destroy all non-Jewish competition.

The same myopic leadership has allowed media viruses like Naspers to fester into oligopolies [bigger than government] that have a monopoly on occupying our minds and mapping our cognition to ensure that blacks remain either dancing sex obsessed drunks or puppets on the strings of colonial training to advance the interests of white capital.

The nightmare ensuing from this fiasco is we have permitted the apartheid deep state to resurrect from the dead, and now it has become the shadow government of the nation. Alive, bigger, bolder, debt free, cash flush and more obdurate. It uses the likes of Bonang Mogale, Pityane, Mashaba and even leading members of the ANC as its face, which resembles a grotesque springbok with the teeth and claws of a lion.

We Fight Not By Flesh And Blood But A System

The weapons in it’s arsenal include sabotage, media lies, desception, Roman Dutch law, education, banks, institutions, capital, food, biological weapons, market monopoly, private armies augmented by legislative capture and the constitution. All being deployed in a silent but effective cold war that is rapidly depleting our nation.

This reminds me of an American military consultant I met in New York who put forward the theory that during CODESA, the Boers were allowed to keep South Africa’s two nuclear bombs in Orania as a measure to guard against nationalization, land expropriation and redistribution.

I’m not sure how valid that conspiracy is but what I know for a fact is the Broederbond control South Africa on behalf of Jewish Freemason bankers. The South African parliament sits on the Lodge De Goede Hoop Freemason lodge property, so yesterday’s state of the nation was courtesy of their hospitality.

Our Resources Don’t Belong To Us

They control the resources, capital, media, corporates, security companies, our government, politicians and they have been engineering economic stagnation to incapacitate SOEs like Eskom and SAA to buy them up at a song. SABC was deprived of advertising revenue to ensure that it fell into the fold of manufacturing consent for the system.

The cultural wing of the broederbond: FAK is hard at work capacitating it’s affiliates like Afri-Forum, Solidarity, Stellenbosch and increasing the size of its private armed militia.

Today private armed guards out number the army and police 1:4, right in line with an apartheid era security strategy devised by white business in a meeting facilitated by Anglo America, big business and the Botha regime at the Carlton Center Hotel in the 1980s.

On white farms the arms race continues unabated as they increase their weapons caches and receive military instruction from foreign western military experts. All courtesy of the vast sums of money they generate from our consumption, indebtedness, government pensions, state tenders, higher salaries paid to whites over their black peers and the license to print money we gave their commercial and merchant banks.

Biological Warfare

Augmenting that, farmers are hybridizing everything from oranges to watermelons, removing seeds to monopolize food production and genetically modifying crops to have traits that could be weaponized to target and interrupt specific ethnic RNA.

In due course all our staple foods have been genetically modified over a period corresponding with the rise in HIV in the same nations (South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland) that use GMOs.

Studies in America and France have linked these transgenic foods with limitless complications and diseases like obesity, diabetes, autism, reproductive health issues and cancers, which are endemic in our communities.

Albeit, the black elite don’t seem to recognize the [intended or unintended] biological warfare taking place, as it weakens us and renders our immunity compromised in what could be a slow genocide.

Our Intellectuals Are Enemy Agents

Our black graduates and professionals spend their time regurgitating white thought, advancing a foreign agenda and actively resisting anything tailored to advance the race. So much is their Stockholm Syndrome.

Our women suffer from endometriosis, cervical cancers and other reproductive issues. Nonetheless, they continue to run [to the same western companies that worked with Wouter Basson in pursuit of Kaffir Killers] to beg for sanitary wear laced with GMO cotton, glyphosate (Agent Orange used in bombs dropped on Vietnam), dryxine, petrol chemicals and other toxins so that we can give them to our most vulnerable women and daughters.

All in the while black women investment groups like Wiphold don‘t consider investing in black farms and factories to grow organic cotton and food to produce toxin free sanitary wear and healing food for their children. Simply because they entrust the future of their womb and children to their enemy.

They would rather obsess more about the debt they can access, the cars they drive, handbags they carry and peanuts they earn by giving away the resources of this nation to nations that will use the proceeds to create weapons to eliminate us.

I guess I’m worrying over nothing because no matter what may come we have champagne, designer clothes, vosho, thola kuthi, thumamina, Mabhala noise, Durban July, Summas and Porsches to temporarily numb our pain when the appetite of the US and her western horde for our resources, pushes them to occupy or destablize us as they have done in the Middle East, Congo and Latin America.

We Are Marked For Extinction

These are the signs of a nation on the brink of extinction. I always wonder if the American Indian, Arowak or Aboriginal would have been wiped out if they had received the level of advance warning as we have.

I hope my views are extreme because if anything I’m saying is close to reality, we are in serious trouble as a people. The objective of this blog is to shake us out of our comfort zones so that we stop focusing on irrelevant Eurocentric metrics as the measure our progress and we start focusing on the life issues that really matter: food security, resource control, self-sufficiency, health, mental fortification and African unity for survival.

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