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The Reserve Bank Of South Africa

Just the other day I posted a post indicting educated masters and doctorate graduates in Africa [the MDCAs Masters and Doctorate Colonial Administrators] of Africa saying that they lacked education or knowledge to change Africa and some people were not happy with me.

But just to illustrate a point:

• How many of you South African citizens or residents with a graduate qualification of any sort have read the Reserve Bank Act, Mechant Bank Act or Banking Act?

• How many of you understand the responsibility of the South African Reserve Bank.

• How many understand how money is made and who makes it in South Africa?

• How many of you know who owns your Reserve Bank?

• Do you understand how it makes it money and that it's a profit making organization, poised to make money for its private shareholders?

• Do you understand who the shareholders of the institution are?

• Do you know what they receive in dividends from your money?

• What of the board of directors and their responsibilities?

Now, if you don't understand the institution that creates your money, controlling your survival and you don't know the rules at play over your money, how do you know how well your country is doing?

How will you change South Africa with your education, if you don't understand how the economic money engine works?

Being a citizens of a nation is not just about where you were born, its understanding your nation and what makes it tick, who owns it and since most of you blacks love money, my advice to you is understand your money system.

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