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White Monopoly Capital Mafia Destroyed The Rainbow Nation and SADC.

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

This is a story about South Africa Inc, its relationship with Swiss Registered monopoly Richemond [Compagnie Financière Richemont SA], her global partners and their instrumental role in sabotaging the birth of the Rainbow Nation.


With a market capitalisation of $35bil, Richemond is a large cap company that sits as the sixth biggest company on the Swiss Market Index and fourth on the JSE.

It was formed out of the Rembrandt Tobacco Group by Anton Rupert, a well known Broederbond member, National Party bureaucrat and politician.

Founded by an occult broeder and prominent participant in the architecture of apartheid, the company‘s values and ethos emerge from a dark Neo-Nazi spiritual belief in Afrikaner providence, white supermacy and the divine right of the children of Goshem to own the resources of South Africa and enslave black labor.

This is why, despite the company’s fortunes being made on the back of exploiting black South African labor and resources. Like most other white South African charter companies [Anglo America, SAB, Liberty, Old Mutual] it has gone onto externalize and hide it’s ill-gotten gains in the same “neutral” haven where the Nazis hid their holocaust loot.

The Family Business Has Grown

Today the company is in the hands of son Johann Rupert who was nurtured by the same religious [white supremacist] extremism. Through the spiritually unctioned exploitation of black labor and related pillaging of South African resources, he has grown the family fortune into an empire that includes Remgro, formally Rembrandt, alongside Reinet Investments.

A combine that constitutes almost 4% of the JSE and is responsible for creating most of the banking, insurance, media and mining monopolies of South Africa which include:


• RMB [owners of FNB],

• Santam,

• Sanlum,

• Momentum,

• Metropolitan

• Glencore

• Investments in SAB

• Naspers


• Kagiso Group

• YFM, eNCA, Power FM

• Caxton

• Perskor

The list is endless and it expands daily as they use their vast capital reserves to expand their monopoly. Critical point being, South Africa‘s economy is controlled by six major monopolies controlled by Johann Rupert, his fellow broeders: Koos Bekker, Glasenberg and Jacobus Stofberg under the captaincy of the Oppenheimers.

These oligarchs deceptively control almost all South African and African major commercial interests through direct shareholding, cross shareholding, complex debt structures, private equity and directorships through the same web established by Cecil John Rhodes on behalf of the Rothschild Family a century and a half ago. Effectively these families are the royalty of South Africa Inc on behalf of their global overlords.

Safe guarding these interests are the South African constitution which was commissioned by them, the Roman Dutch judiciary and legal fraternity. While the media, DA and now the EFF are designated watch dogs monitoring the appointed gatekeepers [the ANC] to ensure that they maintain the rent seeking, legislative capture and contain the discontent of the masses.

Sadly, most South Africans have been indoctrinated to perceive any mention of the name Rothschild as a prelude to a conspiracy theory. However, the facts are The Rothschild Group is alive and well in South Africa, with Trevor Manual [a senior ANC leader] being the Deputy Chairman and Wiseman Nkuhlu at the helm as the Chairman.

The organisation is not a theory, it’s as real as the people working for it and its Chairman who is leading the push for the privatization of Eskom on behalf of his principles [Lazard, Rothschild and Rockefeller], for reasons that will become clearer further in the presentation.

Looting Of The Rainbow Nation

In my quest to try and establish the source of Rupert capital formation, I came across the Ciex Report outlining how Johann Rupert sat on the board of the SARB [South African Reserve Bank] at the time the bank’s funds were misappropriated to facilitate the formation of ABSA out of the ashes of Bankorp in a saga known today as the ABSA life boats.

Gold Loot

Another insightful lead came from Stephen Goodson‘s book Inside The Reserve Bank, which shines the light on how during the same period, the SARB sold over $240bil of South Africa’s gold to Swiss and American banks up until independence in 1994. All done under the cover and protection of the secrecy clause in the South African Reserve Bank Act.

Nonetheless, conspicously absent in South Africa’s treasury income statement are the proceeds of these sales of South African gold.

Wholesale Loot Of Government Assets

As the allegations go, during the six year period of negotiating South Africa’s independence, capitalists like Johann Rupert were involved in the world’s greatest wholesale looting [of South African coffers].

Its at this time that billions, if not trillions of dollars, worth of state assets were stripped, stolen, privatized and externalized with the complicity of the apartheid government, her cohorts in the Broederbond and their global capital partners.

This systematic liquidation of South Africa's national endowment was deliberate, orchestrated and encouraged by western governments to ensure the transfer of the nation's wealth into the hands of a few white South African tycoons and global capitalists.

The purpose was clear, South Africa was to be subjected to the same Morganthau Plan that had been visited upon all independent African states.

It’s sovereign balance sheet would be drastically reduced and deindustrialized to ensure that an ANC led government would not have the capital to maintain the same formidable state owned energy, industrial, mining and military complex that the apartheid government and the Broedebond had used to build the country to dominate local resources and Africa.

In the new South Africa the new black government would be weakened to prevent the development of a dominant industrialized black economy in Africa. The same would break its military capacity (especially nuclear capability) to prevent it from protecting black interests on the continent from white neo-colonial exploitation in future.

The same attenuation strategy was visited upon other SADC countries like Zimbabwe which was straddled by Rhodesian colonial debt at independence and soon after targeted by the apartheid government’s Total Destabilization Campaign with the support of western governments in the 80s.

Before the country could recover from these sanctions, they were immediately hit by US and EU sanctions following Zimbabwe’s Land Reform a its regional military interventions against apartheid South African backed RENAMO in Mozambique and US backed Rwandan rebels in Congo, halting the overthrow of Lauren Kabila in the Second Congolese War, which resulted in the Sun City Accord.

Liquid Fuel Loot

This incapacitation of the soon to be black state of South Africa and its region partners, saw the privatization of SASOL and its assets & intellectual property transferred into the hands of private western institutional investors and capitalists.

What is particularly sinister about this heist is during the apartheid era, SASOL was a loss leading SOE that was supported wholly by South African tax payers as an investment into securing a future of fuel self-sufficiency for South Africa.

This invariably meant that for decades SASOL was supported by black underdevelopment, slave labor, taxes and the nation's misappropriated resources for South Africa’s future benefit.

Regardless of this legacy of sacrifice for SASOL, South Africa lost this strategic fuel generating asset, its unique intellectual property and the potential sequential technology transfer that was meant to benefit the nation in the long term.

With it the public asset column also lost ownership of more than 15% of South Africa’s coal mines that were owned by SASOL. The same happened with Telkom, Iscor, Safmarine, South Africa's nuclear program and will likely repeat itself with Eskom, SAA, and other critical parastatals as the theft of South Africa’s wealth continues in earnest.

Hollowing Out The Military Industrial Complex

Meanwhile, Armscor‘s secret accounts in Swiss banks mysteriously melted away into the lybrinth that is the Swiss banking system in a similar way billions of African dictators' loot has disappeared over the decades.

The loss of all this wealth to private global capital is just another chapter in the history of plunder and dispossession of the inhabitants of the richest continent by the Ruperts, Oppenheimers and their global overlords in a legacy of unrelenting primitive accumulation.

Ciex Report

What is concerning is on South Africa attaining independence, an ex MI6 operative by the name of Michael Oatley, wrote a report in which he exposed some of the looting that had taken place in South Africa just before apartheid ended.

He further outlined how the wealth was looted, where it ended up and proposed how his company could assist in recovering it on contingency for a 10% recovery fee.

The report was received and acknowledged by the Mandela government and then shelved with no action taken to recover the loot. Something the media never tells the South African public because its owned by the same looters.

Nobel Price Winners Collect

It would be interesting to establish just how much of these billions of dollars stolen from South Africa ended up in the portfolios of the Rupert, Oppenheimer empires. And how much of it sits in trusts of the “so called” liberators of the nation like Mandela, De Klerk and other politicians, while the majority of South Africans lament in poverty.

Rumors are abound that the Mandelas own a significant chunk of Momentum as reward for some of the decisions the old man made pertaining to leaving the resources of the nation in the hands of those who plundered them.

Goodson also claims that round about this same period FW De Klerk was endowed with a one billion euro windfall in an unnamed Swiss Bank account. It's not clear what the money was for but apparently it has a correlation with South Africa being disassembled and sold.

What ever the truth is, we are rest assured that the black elites who benefited most from the crumbs that fell off the Rupert's table, celebrate their bounty with endless bottles of Rupert & Rothschilds. While others who emulate them are beginning to package Eskom, SAA and Transnet for dispatch to the globalists to secure their future retirement nest eggs in Switzerland and Dubai.

Mumma, we see them, they are among us right now, is this the sign.....?

To be continued.......

Written By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare Of Frontline Strat....

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