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After lobbying #SoupBox and #BreakThroughTV for three years to cover Zimbabwean sanctions, I was finally invited to speak on their channel last year.

Following that, they created a documentary on the topic which has since gained significant traction.

The documentary has garnered 826k views and 56.7k likes on TikTok, 370k on Facebook, 100k Twitter, and 60k YouTube, totaling over 1.3 million social views on #ZeroBudget. It’s a first for Zim especially on a very polarizing topic like sanctions.

I am confident that even Al Jazeera's Thursday documentary will not achieve such numbers.

Now, consider the impact we could make if the government could support us in creating a world-class documentary on #ZimbabwesRise or #TellingTheGoodZimbabweStory with my award-winning documentary making friend. We would create such a buzz on the internet, to elevate Zimbabwe to a higher status than Rwanda.

By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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