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Zimbabwe Land Reform Timeline

• 1980-1990

Britian gives Zim £43mil to buy 3.5mil hectares of land from farmers willing to sell.

Zimbabwe gvt buys land and 150 000 families resettled by Sam Geza.

• 1984-7

Ndebele Chiefs not happy that servants watching their cows are getting land because they stop working for chiefs. So they support dissidents hoping they will stop land reform.

• 1984-90

Middle class Zimbabweans and some Zanu officials are unhappy that Sam Geza is resettling poor peasants and not giving land to middle class people and Zanu supporters only.

• 1985

Land Acquisition Act Amendment.

• 1988

IMF stop giving Zimbabwe loans for land reform because of issues with gvt. ESAP is proposed.

• 1989

South Africa ask Zimbabwe not to start expropriating land in 1990 when moratorium on willing buyer willing seller would end.

• 1990

Mugabe agrees not to take land while SA gets independence but in the meantime he goes to ask Britain for more money to buy more land.

• 1992

Mugabe has several meetings with war vets on land

• 1992

Land Acquisition Act Amendment.

• Land Commission established to target land and to give a price for the land.

• 1994

South Africa gets independence.

• 1994

Queen knights Mugabe hoping to buy his allegiance.

• 1996

SA Constitution released

• 1994-7

Mugabe is negotiating with British.

• 1997

Blair gvt tell Mugabe that they will not give him money for Land reform unless he is willing to renegotiate Lancester House terms.

• 1997

Mugabe announces that he is taking land without compensation.

• 1998

Land Donor Conference to persuade Mugabe to change his mind.

Britain wants to renegotiate terms of Lancaster.

Mugabe refuses, saying land reform is not a favor by Britain but its an obligation from the Lancester House Conference so no renegotiation.

• 1998

Third Chimurenga land invasions.

• 1998

Mugabe Knighthood rescinded.

• 2000

Referendum to change constitution to appropriate land without compensation.

• 2001

US sanctions.

• 2002

Land Appropriation Amendment Act.

Land reform was taking place from 1980 to the time it was fast tracked. To the story that Mugabe took land to stay in power is a nonsense.

Notice how the queen knights Mugabe hoping he will serve British interests and when he doesn’t she takes the knighthood? You are knighted to serve British interests.

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