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Artisanal miner.
Documentary on Artisanal miners in Zimbabwe.

Since the Al Jazeera documentary aired, thousands of Zimbabwean and South African youths have spent their days denigrating the Zimbabwean government and those making money selling gold, based on falsehoods.

While these bitter youths, who are hungry, moan over fake news, Nigerians, Lebanese, Indians, Chinese, and white South Africans are going onto the ZIDA website, learning how to apply for mining rights, registering companies in Zimbabwe, applying for mining rights and obtaining gold dealing licenses.

This is why we saw most of the gold buyers in the documentary being white, because they are the ones who learn about mining, apply and pay for licenses, while blacks spent their time hating people like Henrietta, who leads the production of 60% of Zimbabwe's gold and is making many makorokoza rich.

My advice to Zimbabweans is to stop wasting time gossiping and lying about those who are making it. This is your gold rush right now. The same gold rush that built America, South Africa, and Australia is happening in your country and creating the future Dangotes of Zimbabwe.

Stop wasting time listening to people who are paid to lie to you so that your inheritance is taken by foreigners, yet they can’t even teach you that Zimbabwe does not have a mining license but rather a prospecting license that costs just US$75.

On this page, I will teach what I know. Hate and block me if you think this has no value, or stay and learn. I fight sanctions daily to ensure that our gold rush is not taken over by our colonizer, so that it continues to benefit Africans. So, while I fight for you through communication and social engineering, take advantage and don’t listen to those wanting you to sell your inheritance to those who impoverished your grandparents.

How To Benefit From Mining.

Below are the licenses and processes you need to start mining:

1. Register a company.

2. Apply for a prospecting license ($75).

3. If you don’t want to mine, get an agent's gold buying license for 5 agents ($2500).

4. If you have the money, buy a gold dealer's license to buy, smelt, and export gold for $250,000 and begin making money.

5. Contact #HenriettaRushwaya's ZMF, which represents 1.2 million artisan and small-scale miners for information, training and opportunities to get a sponsor.

Stop following toxic people who are miseducating you and start following those who can help you grow. No degree can provide you with this information. Thank me later.

Written by Rutendo Matinyarare of ZASM and Found of Frontline Strat Marketing Consultancy.

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