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A Tribute To Our Mothers, The Maid on this woman's day.

Maids are the mothers of this nation. They spend all their productive lives raising the white nation as their own, only getting to raise their own children part time on a pittance.

The whole nation trusts these women, bringing them into the sanctuary of our homes to look after our children, priceless possessions and wealth.

They are more trusted than the bank but still paid meager wages. A testament to how those they serve don’t really care about what they say they care about the most.

Nevertheless, with these meagre earnings they raised graduates and industry captains of all creeds, lifting their poverty stricken bloodlines from obscurity into hope. These women are heroes, my heroes, our heroes.

I call these women the forgotten mothers and teachers who nurtured a broken nation..... because during apartheid if they had chosen to wipe out the enemy to ensure that apartheid died in bed, they could have.

But out of love even for the most evil among us, they let live those who didn’t let their own live.

I salute these women for their love, compassion and humanity. They are not an embarrassment to blackness but they are our national treasure and the image of humanity at its best.

I will not even endeavor to give them another name because “the maid” not the helper is who has raised this nation. The maid is the one who didn’t poison the enemy in a belief that humanity would prevail.

That designation [maid] should therefore take on new meaning and dignity from the contribution these indomitable women who have nurtured this nation.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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