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No government and army in Africa has fought imperialism in Africa more and more successfully than the Zimbabwean government and its army.

1. The Zimbabwean government as a liberation movement consisting of Zanla and Zipra, defeated the Rhodesian army, apartheid South African boarder police, Portuguese Mozambican army, 15000 European and ex-Vietnam war American mercenaries, to achieve independence.

2. They then formed the ZNA (Zimbabwe National Army) that fought apartheid in Zimbabwe against apartheid sponsored dissidents and in Mozambique against apartheid and CIA sponsored RENAMO.

3. They fought Kagame’s RPF and Museveni’s ADF and M23 western backed rebels in Congo, leading in the Sun City Accord that prevented the UN from dividing Congo into 5 separate easy to loot states.

4. They fought classified wars in Chad, Sudan, and Somalia to protect civilians from warlords.

5. In Angola over 2000 soldiers and a small covert team linked with the death of Savimbi, was operating in the shadows.

6. Zimbabwean special forces (dark angels) are now back in Mozambique, neutralizing the Islamic militants of Capo Delgado.

7. Our former commandos are all over the world training counter-insurgency.

8. Zimbabwean soldiers go where no other army is willing to go and they serve Africa for nothing, in pursuit of the dream of Pan-Africanism. Otherwise why else would they go to poor countries like Sudan, Chad and Somalia.

This is why Zimbabwe is seen as the biggest threat to western hegemony because our leaders act, confronting imperialism ideologically, militarily and systematically through economic transformation and land reform that is now influencing the rest of the continent.

It’s for this reason why Zimbabwe is under sanctions by the entire western world, because the actions of that government risk influencing more Africans to stand up against western hegemony.

So, when you attack Zimbabwe, you are attacking decolonization, the preeminent counter hegemony on the continent and your own freedom.

If you disagree, show me any army on the African continent, Asia and South America with such an impressive resumé of confronting imperialism. Show me any other country with the geopolitical importance of Zimbabwe that the US has declared three national emergencies and accompanying sanctions against it, and it’s still standing strong.

Zimbabwe has achieved what Garvey, Malcom X, Nkrumah and Sankara could only dream about.

We are a sacred nation, #VanaVaMutapa (the real wakanda) being heated at high temperature and struck like iron over and over again, for our great purpose on this continent. No one wants to be in our position, because our nation was created to serve that purpose.

Next time I will be telling you about #OperationCasaBanana in Mozambique and a Constantine Chiwenga master plan that was used to decimate Congolese rebels by making the enemy more visible on the battlefield, thanks to a gift he gave to the enemy.

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