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Honorable minister, during the coup you came across like an astute communicator, however, on the DW interview this week, you were amateurish and lacking basic communication skills.

You had no holding statements and you kept trying to push an irrelevant key message at inappropriate times, which made you sound clueless and insincere.

By not articulating that your government has never had adverse rulings or investigations for human rights abuses by any international body as the United States and Israel, you failed to debunk the false narrative that your government systematically abuses human rights.

Then there was the ill-conceived strategy of separating the imaginary “second republic” from the towering legacy and heritage of ZIMBABWE, by making statements like “Sanctions Are No Longer Justified” as if to suggest that the sanctions you called ILLEGAL, which violate 17 million civilian human rights, were justified before.

Why would you send such mixed messages and marginalize Zimbabwe’s indivisible human rights like that? Why would you also try and separate our nation from the legacy of the continental icon Robert Mugabe who never had to shoot people in the streets to instill respect?

You were pathetic Minister, and you put the nation in bad light singing the “second republic’s” Open For Pillage anthem, in a world where colonial symbols are falling all across the world. So how will you reconcile your colonial disconnect to a shifting world order and a rising China?

Finally, why did you diminish your stature by doing an interview on a third rate channel only to fail to create any positive sound bites for social media? Why speak about sanctions which you clearly don’t understand? Is this the counsel you received from the US PR agencies that you pay millions? The west is not geared to build African African brands like those of us you shun while stealing our strategies.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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