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Rwandan spy or nyumbakumi
Rwandan spy or nyumbakumi

Many Rwandan refugees have warned that the Zimbabwean government should be cautious of Rwandan government infiltration through #nyumbakumi (military intelligence officers) engaging in romantic relationships with key figures in our government at home and with the diplomatic corp in Rwanda.

This is a well known strategy employed by the very shrewd Rwandan government to infiltrate foreign diplomats and governments to advance their national interest.

Just yesterday, rumors surfaced about a government minister in Zimbabwe, having an extramarital affair and possibly children with a Rwandan man from whom she was soliciting $10 000 per month maintenance. If true, our intelligence must investigate if this individual who is having an affair with a key member of our government (someone with security clearance), is not a potential spy for the Rwandan government.

In Zimbabwe right now, we have numerous Rwandans posing as businesspeople and many of these could be #intore (undercover spies) infiltrating key stakeholders while working hand in hand with their CIA and MI6 allies.


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