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Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Tendai Biti is a legislator [among others] who partnered with foreign governments to collectively punish his own people (innocent Zimbabweans) by sanctions, in an attempt to force them to vote for his party. He also conspired to influence and shape Zimbabwean laws to serve the interests of his masters, with the intention of forcing regime change on Zimbabwe.

All activities that contravene the human rights of the Zimbabwean people and go against the Oath of Office Biti took to serve our state, when he entered government and our parliament. It’s also contrary to the preamble of the national constitution, which he participated in crafting as a member of COPAC.

Nevertheless, as the step child of the mighty US, no one could hold him accountable for his treason and crimes against humanity.

In 2018, soon after the death of Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti as a member of People’s Democratic Party, joined hands with other MDCT heavy weights, to ignore the constitution of MDCT (a constitution Biti and many of his peer jurists were instrumental in drafting) and manipulate the party’s election joint venture agreement dubbed the MDC Alliance, to usurp power and forge the creation of a non-existent political entity misnamed MDCA.

These members of the new so called MDCA, would go further to misappropriate MDCT funds, use its offices, staff and cars to campaign on the goodwill of MDCT and earn themselves seats in our legislature under the ticket of the non-existent political party MDCA.

Driven by his self-serving attitude and the arrogance of knowing that he was backed up by powerful governments that were itching to put boots on Zimbabwean soil. Biti effectively withdrew himself from PDP to assume the membership of a non-existent political party that was trying to pass-off a joint venture of political parties (MDC Alliance), as a party.

Overtime, the long arm of the law would catch up with MDCA members when the bonafide members of MDCT, challenged the constitutionality of MDCA winning seats for individuals in parliament.

Justice, equality and fairness would prevail, when the constitutional court ruled that the forgery called MDCA [the political party], was illegitimate and that its members had no individual standing in MDC Alliance because their individual standing was only in their political parties, that were signatory to the [political joint venture] alliance.

Biti and his obdurate accomplices, then made the mistake of professing publicly, that they were no longer members of their respective parties, but members of MDCA (the joint venture body corporate in which parties and individuals could be party). They did this also forgetting that Chapter IV, part 5, section 129j of our constitution, allows political parties to recall members of their party who leave the party through which they got into parliament.

The once weaker MDCT members who Biti and his accomplices had pushed aside [when they created the illegal party], decided, in line with the Zimbabwean constitution of 2013 [that Tendai was instrumental in drafting], to recall MDCA members from parliament.

In the past week, the PDP executive, also informed parliament, in writing, that Tendai Biti was no longer a member of PDP, which according to our constitution automatically removes Tendai Biti from parliament because he doesn’t have a political party.

Since these developments, the United States has expressed outrage at these political parties exercising their constitutional right, calling it an attempt by ZANU PF to destroy the opposition.

What is interesting about this US meddling is, they conveniently forget that in 2009, The Elders (Koffi Annan, Nelson Mandela, Gracia Machel etc) threatened Zimbabwe with imminent western intervention, unless ZANU PF agreed to a Government of National Unity with MDC and the creation of a Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) to draft the new Zimbabwean constitution.

COPAC was formed with the heavy influence of the UN, other western NGOs, the EU, UK, South African constitutional experts and the United States. As a result, the constitution, written under western coercion, established institutions designed to weaken ZANU PF influence on policy, land reform, media freedoms, personal freedoms and electoral reforms.

Through the process, the US and her allies were able to enshrine, the compensation of white farmers, through proxies like Biti and Alex Magaisa, without realizing that they were unintentionally also sharpening the guillotine in areas that would eventually take the scalps of Biti, Chamisa and MDCA.

In trying to weaken ZANU PF, the United States used her incompetent constitutional expert Tendai Biti, to sharpen an instrument that would eventually chop his head off when it mattered the most.

The constitutions of the MDCT and the nation, to which Biti contributed significantly, have become the double edged sword of rule of law that has destroyed Biti and MDCA, without ZANU PF or government lifting a finger.

The removal of such immoral, treasonous men from our legislature and political arena, by their own hand, can only be beneficial to the innocent Zimbabwean civilians that Biti and his cohorts have tormented by sanctions for two decades. It also portends to the possibility of Zimbabweans finally achieving unity and common national interest, after the exit of the jecha brigade (spoilers brigade) from our national assembly.

I hope the new Patriotic Act that our government is concluding, will be retrogressive to bar Biti and others like him, from participating in public politics and send him to prison for partnering with foreign enemies of the state to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.

It’s imperative that we purge our national politics of these traitors, because if we don’t, a time will come when our citizens will rise up in anger (as they did in 2008) against the supporters of MDC who have been attacking them and the nation with economic weapons to force them to vote MDC.

In shona we say: “vaBiti varumwa ne cheku chera” which means “ Mr Biti has been bitten by that which he went hunting for, while trying to dig it out of a hole”.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare of ZUAUWS.

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