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Black Slavery Not Black Excellence

Written 17/07/19 By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

When #BlackExcellence equals black men chasing each other, kicking a ball and entertaining Europeans & Asians in the modern day Roman Circus.

When it means African slaves physically exerting themselves to win titles for the only European nation which still has direct colonies and viceroys on the continent.

When our talent and prime years are spent advancing the only nation that still trains Africans as french soldiers [French Legionnaires] to lead coupes and overthrow African leaders who won’t toe the CFA Franc zone line.

When they toil for the nation that trained Blaise Campoure to kill Sankara. The nation that influenced the ending of Modibo Keita’s life in prison and isolated Sekoa Toure for refusing French oppression.

When it means Africans winning honor [more] for a colonial master more than they win for their colonized nations.

It simply means THERE IS NO HOPE FOR Africa. Our public icons and talented representatives therefore simply lack the minds and understanding to extricate us from this inferno that is imperialism.

As a people, we have been endorsing and entertaining the slave master excellently in the Roman Circus -fighting lions, butchering each other, killing and dying like flies for him- for over 2 thousand years. It simply has not advanced us one iota.

Soccer has not, and will not solve Africa’s problems. In fact soccer is being used to hypnotize Africans, blinding them from seeing the rapid #ScrambleForAfrica taking place between Africomm, France, NATO, China and even Japan.

Africa has no time to entertain or be entertained because time is running out. What we need is to teach our people to control our resources, save, invest and produce solutions for our own problems before we are annihilated.

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