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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Black South Africans, you are free today because wars were fought in Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and Lesotho against SADF; CIA, MI6, Mosad and Suid Afrika NP funded UNITA, Super ZAPU, MNR and LLA. You didn’t fight a war because we did. Toyi toying, being tortured, going to prison, necklacing your own and killing each other in Boipatong was not war. It was the easy way out and you letting out black blood to release frustration because you were afraid of the boers as Fanon aptly wrote in Black Faces White Masks.

Those wars fought for your freedom cost us dearly: thousands of Iives of our loved ones and over $100bil in costs which South Africa has never repaid to any frontline state or SADC country. This doesn’t include the contributions made by other non-SADC African states.

The western white supremacy alliance that was defending the apartheid regime, destroyed our industries and infrastructure to force us to be dependent on apartheid South Africa in the hope it would stop us fighting the apartheid government. Till today countries like Zimbabwe are being sanctioned for their resolute contribution to liberate SA and SADC from imperialism.

And after the west destroyed our industries through the apartheid government destabilization campaign, the ANC paid us back by allowing SA white monopoly companies to come into our weakened economies to steal skills and kill our local businesses. It allowed your banks to facilitate money laundering and illegal externalization of our wealth into your economy.

They sat aside as Congo was attacked by western sponsored rebels and once we ended that war, they sent in white monopoly mining companies [protected by the SANDF] to loot. In other neighboring countries those mining companies steal our gold, platinum group metals and rare earths, which they export as unprocessed ore out of our countries to process in SA for you to have jobs.

So stop asking why foreigners are coming into South Africa when your country destroyed neighboring countries to foster dependency on your white monopolized SA economy so that you can have jobs. Your country has continued the apartheid government’s regional economic hitman role for western capital by destroying black states and cannibalizing their economies.

Your freedom was achieved by our blood, economies and finances and now it would seem, our futures too. Your leaders lived in our homes, ate our food, hiding from boers, hence when bombs went off we were the casualties. Today when we are sheltering from economic warfare [sanctions] or following the capital your banks allowed to be laundered into SA to sustain you, you call us names? Today, you can’t even support Zimbabwe to fight US sanctions, instead you support terrorists like MDC who called for the sanctions?

You abuse us calling us names and creating hashtags like #ZimbabweansMustFall instead of giving us the unconditional support we gave you so that a strong Zimbabwe continues to have your back. It’s almost like some say, you don’t want a strong Zimbabwe. Why would that be?

You will need us again, the boers are still in charge because when you were given the parliamentary majority to change laws, transform the economy and take land, your leaders chose to maintain apartheid.

So when you decide to take land and radically transform your economy for the ANC to stay in power, they [the boers] will fight, their black Super ZAPU, LLA, MNR and UNITA rebels who destabilized SADC and are now working in their private security companies, will be used to fight you. They will poison the fields, the US will withdraw its GMO seeds to deprive you of food, finances will be laundered out of SA into Mauritius or Europe as you did Zimbabwe and all that will be left is us to support you as neighbors again. So if Zimbabwe falls, who will support you? South Africa will never be first when it’s in the hands of Europeans.

Why should we have to remind you of your history? What kind of Africans lack appreciation and hunhu [ubuntu] to support neighbors unconditionally?

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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