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The United States grew its wealth from $143tril in Jan 2020 to $156,5tril in 2021, a year in which its economy was stagnant. This means that the US controls $44,3% of global wealth and that wealth is growing while other economies EU (16%), China (17.7%), Japan (7%), Brazil, India, Asia and Africa share a shrinking 56,7%.

So if the US economy was in recession last year, where did its increase in wealth come from? It came from economies like China that continued to grow last year. This is a clear illustration that the gearing and assets underlying Chinese growth are actually US capital and Intellectual Property, hence even though the US economy didn’t grow, its capital in foreign markets grew exponentially. So, even though China produces the bulk of the world’s goods and has a huge trade surplus against the US, it owns a small share of the assets that produced that surplus making its workshops, US worshops.

The background to this is the US controls over $80tril in investment capital and most of that is invested in growth markets like China, Brazil and Asia. Ever since the Second World War, the US took over the world [colonized the world] with its capital, much of that capital is disguised as domestic capital of the countries they colonized like Japan, Germany, France, Korea, Asia and South Africa.

Now, the way you can prove this theory is by how the US has invested trillions in building 900 military bases to occupy foreign countries to protect their investment. Now AI is rising to increase this control even more. DAMN, THAT’S SMART!!!!!

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Bareng Pooe
Bareng Pooe
2021년 2월 06일

very strange realisation, nonetheless it opened up my mind some more, ke a leboga my favourite young lion...