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African Journey Into 4IR The Israeli Way

In Israel the Mosad has an economic espionage division known as LAKAM. Its focus is on the acquisition [stealing], appropriation and transfer of trade, commercial, industrial, economic and technology secrets from leading industries in the world to Israel.

Their job is to get Israelites and jews working across the globe in leading companies, to steal trade secrets, blueprints, innovation, experiments, systems, processes, economic data, market intelligence and designs of cutting edge knowledge. The information is then relayed to The Institute [Mossad], categorized, prioritized and farmed out to appropriate research and development facilities to be emulated, reverse engineered and then passed on to Israeli companies for improvement.

LAKAM is also vested with the role of assessing government and strategic private sector proposals, treaties, international agreements and deals to establish the impact of such deals on Israel’s national interest in future. Basically this agency is tasked with Israel’s economic defense and offense.

It is through LAKAM that Israel developed it’s nuclear program in the 70s. This was done by jews and non-jews in leading US nuclear companies being induced by Mossad to steal blueprints and technology to pass it on to them. In time, Israel acquired knowledge on how to build uranium centrifuges, enrich uranium, resulting in the successful construction of the Dimona nuclear plant.

Another great advantage Israel has is that most jews around the world are socialized to believe that they are citizens of the Zionist nation [Israel] first before being citizens of the world.

This Zionist philosophy says that jews are only temporary sojourns in other nations to spy, gain power and wealth for the advancement of the[ir] promised land Eretz Israel to be the world’s most powerful nation.

With this Zionist philosophy and loyalty, most jews generally feel the commitment to advance Israeli knowledge, skills and economic competitiveness by transferring what they learn in their surrogate nations to Israel.

This transfer of knowledge and information has seen Israel grow up the learning and experience curves of many industries, to take leadership in strategic industries like weapons manufacturing, IT software development, intelligence, diamond cutting, diamond trading and spyware.

What is more interesting is that with their leadership in software development and spyware. They sell companies across the globe software and spyware that has backdoors allowing LAKAM and other Israeli information gathering agencies access to confidential mail and secret documents of the organizations using the software.

This is the power of a nation’s citizens using their positions, brains and access to knowledge to advance their own nation. Through the use of espionage, sequential technology transfer, imitation, emulation and what they call the Flying Goose Effect. Nations such as Israel, China and India are developing technologically through reverse engineering.

The reason these nations steal information and emulate is because no nation will teach other nations how to develop. Each nation [through its citizens] must make the effort to develop itself by any means necessary for its survival.

Europe in the 1100s stole African and Arabic knowledge in the crusades. England through the Tudor Plan stole wool production secrets from Holland, Venice, Florence and France in the 1500s, to come from a laggard European economy to a leader in 200yrs. The US later did the same to England in the 1800s and now China, India and Israel are stealing from the US. Emulation and improvement is a central part of the process of development.

As Africans we have failed to learn the importance of putting our nations first. We think life is about employment titles, salaries, consumption and therefore miss the importance of information acquisition, transfer of knowledge [by any means necessary] to develop our own nations for self-sufficiency. We expect development without investing the knowledge and capacity, which is a primitive logic.

Is it coincidence that Israel’s espionage industry leadership has helped them to leapfrog and grow in other areas? The link is obvious: espionage and defense for self preservation constitute a progressive nation’s first line of development. Now that Israel has developed spying and defense capabilities, she is now using the same capability to acquire knowledge, emulate, develop synergies and transferring that to other areas.

The race of life is one of nations competing to survive and not an individual race of earning paper money. As Hilter put it the epitome of racial civilization is sacrifice of individual ambitions to contribute to the collective development of a people or the nation.

So instead of African intelligence services being used to fight political personal vendettas, worrying about what people say about the president and who is sleeping with who. It would serve Africa more effectively if African intelligence services developed commercial and industrial arms poised at gathering economic and commercial intelligence to help African nations develop.

Meanwhile our African technocrats need to realize that there is no value in bragging about working for the biggest global companies in the world if they can not appropriate the knowledge gained in those organizations to capacitate the development of Africa.

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