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Just 100yrs ago in 1917, europeans constituted about 32% of the world population at 550mil people. Today they constitute only 12% [760-820mil]. Their population has basically been decreasing drastically relative to other races in the past century.

The Book Rising Tide Of Color.

This concern was highlighted well in this book titled “The Rising Tide of Color”, written in 1920 by a white supremacist and eugenicist called #TLothropStoddard. He goes on to highlight how european internecine wars, have been responsible for decimating their population and why these wars are a threat to white supremacy.

Blacks Growing Too Fast

Back then he had already scientifically forecast that darker race populations would grow faster than white Nordic races, with blacks doubling every 40yrs, yellow people every 60 and whites every 80yrs.

Eliminate Blacks

To mitigate this threat he documented strategies for white people to control darker populations and you will be shocked at how most of his techniques are at work today.

This man begins by outlining why whites are supreme stock and their necessity for human civilization. He then goes onto motivate the need for them to remain supreme by controlling the populations of inferior darker people. I have to be honest, but some of his arguments are scathing.

He even makes a distinction between Mediterranean stock and Nordics, with Nordics being the most Nordicized [evolved] of the Eurasian races according to him.

Whites Must Rule

Nordic races continue to dominate us because they are organized, they have dedicated people working on research and planning for the advancement of their race and we are simply indifferent. As he says: “the most important struggle is that of race and not politics.” Something most blacks don’t realize.

Population Control

To prove this is true, most white people have read this book and a plan made a hundred years ago is being implemented today: from the birth control pill, sterilization, bad health care for black people, poverty, bad food, LGBT, they have put his ideas to work amazingly.

We need to read my people otherwise we are going to be made extinct. And as he says the world is survival of the fittest and weaker races must be erased to make room for more advanced races for evolution.

The Donald

Do you remember what Donald Trump said about shit hole countries coming to America and how he wanted more people to come from Nordic countries? I can bet my bottom dollar this book is Donald’s bible. It’s also a bible to Hitler, Bill Gates, D Rockefeller, Broederbond and Carnegie Foundation.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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