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Freedom of movement and freedom of association are inalienable rights enshrined in the universal bill of rights and the constitutions of most civilized nations.

These rights among others are part of why those who fought against slavery and colonialism, fought our western oppressors who enjoyed free movement while denying natives the same right.

It’s part of why organizations like ZASM are fighting against illegal sanctions which oppress our people and restrict their right to free movement.

So, what the Mutsvangwas are doing (traveling and seeing the world) is not illegal. In fact, it is what they fought for during the fight against colonialism which denied blacks the freedom of movement.

They are exercising the enjoyment of their full human rights, something many a human rights activist have fought for and fight for on a daily basis.

As we speak, the Americans have sanctions on Zimbabwe, but their citizens are all over Zimbabwe seeking opportunities and monopoly over our resources. So why shouldn’t Zimbabweans (the Mutsvangwas) and especially our politicians travel to America to seek oppportunities, lobby, court investors or canvas for solidarity to end sanctions?

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare of ZASM.

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