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Happy Hiroshima Day Japan


On this day, 72yrs ago, #LittleBoy atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima killing 140 000 Japanese, and three days later Fat Boy was dropped on Nagasaki killed another 75 000.

A lot of people feel sorry for the Japanese but it's important to highlight that these cruel imperialists are estimated to have killed anything between 3mil and 10mil civilians between the Chinese-Japanese war and the end of the Second World War domicides.

They were killing machines, renowned for raping entire cities of women, cutting babies out of live women's bellies and creating human bridges for tanks to drive over bodies to cross into cities like Nanking where bridges had been destroyed by the Chinese in fear of the Japanese.

Hiroshima saw an end to Japanese aggression and good riddance to a nation of evil racist colonizers who were in many ways worse than most European colonialists, maybe with the exception of the Americans themselves and Leopold.

As karma would have it, today Japan itself is an American colony with 23 US military bases on Japanese soil. Japan is now a protectorate of the same nuclear power that they once condemned for blasting them into submission.

It's too bad that this nation nation of evil imperialists was not totally annihilated in the nuclear holocaust to leave us with oneless tyranical nation.

Now we are beginning to see a rejuvenated Japanese, for the first time since the Second World War, deploying their soldiers onto the African continent which is not a good omen.

By Rutendo Matinyarare

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