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Updated: Jan 11, 2022


1. South Africa’s existence on the African continent has destroyed Africa more than it has built Africa. It has been the west’s most important outpost for western imperialism in Africa.

2. During colonialism and apartheid, South Africa was used by the west to murder Africans; colonize, destroy African tradition, economies and decolonization.

South Africa was the gateway used by Cecil John Rhodes to project himself into Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi as the Prime Minister of the Cape Colony, using De Beers and Gold Fields capital (today’s Anglo America) and a private army called BSAC (British South Africa Company).

3. The unification of the four South African republics in 1910, led to the formation of the Union of South Africa.

From there the BSAC morphed into the SADF, which after independence split into the SANDF and the world infamous SA mercenaries that are still being used by the west to start wars, destabilize African countries and as private armies for mining companies that are looting Africa.

4. Right now the same SA mercenaries, are now the private security companies guarding US soldiers and companies that are looting in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

5. During apartheid, white SA institutions like Saimr (South African Maritime Research) and people like Wouter Basson were used to spread diseases like HIV in Africa, and now a new strain of COVID 501v2 is coming from SA where Wouter Basson (an apartheid criminal who used biological warfare against black Africans) and many of his cohorts are still practicing their dark arts in South Africa.

6. White apartheid South African companies are being taken on the ANC government’s back into regional and continental trade agreements, with their apartheid unjust enrichment, to launder money, sabotage and offer unfair competition that deindustrializes fellow African economies that were already weakened by colonial liberation wars and the same apartheid companies during the struggle against apartheid.

7. Apartheid mining companies like Glencore, Anglo America and Implats, loot African ore and refuse to process the ore in those African countries they extract the ore from, to ensure ore processing jobs for South Africans.

8. South African media, spreads western imperialist propaganda and disinformation that promotes neo-liberalism, xenophobia against Africans, western invasions and sanctions in Africa, to destabilize and discourage decolonization, in order to maintain white exploitation in Africa for the benefit of the west and their South African proxies.

9. South African politicians are also known to advance similar falsehoods and stereotypical narratives about Africa, in a manner that foments afrophobia and xenophobia against Africans, as a means to avoid racial transformation in South Africa.

10. As we speak, the SANDF is in Congo protecting white mining company interests, while watching 6mil Congolese people being butchered by Kagame to enable western companies to loot Congo unabated.

11. South Africa protects its markets from superior African organic food, yet they push for their inferior GMOs and often very low quality, chemical filled foods (that attenuate immunity) into African markets.

12. By maintaining and not dismantling apartheid companies that were used by the apartheid government to attack SADC economies in the #TotalWar during the struggle against apartheid.

By not enjoining apartheid capitalists to pay reparations to black South Africans and African states that lost in excess of six hundred thousand lives and $100bil fighting apartheid:

● The ANC and the democratic order have maintained apartheid in blackface.

● The apartheid apparatus is still lives.

● The Broerderbond and Oppenheimers are stronger than before and still running the politics of South Africa inc.

● All in the while, private apartheid companies and western capital are consolidating the market by destroying black business in South Africa and Africa.

● South Africa has used the unjust enrichment earned from black exploitation by these apartheid companies and colonial capital, to build white monopolies in SADC that continue the objectives of the apartheid government’s total war: crippling of black Africa to make it dependent on South Africa, exploitation of that same Africa and growth of the South Africam economy at the expense of neighbors, as was happening during apartheid.

● South Africa has continued to make it easy for money to be laundered and externalized out of SADC and African economies by South African institutions into South African banks, illegally.

● As a result South Africa’s economic growth continues to be driven by financial crimes and economic warfare that are facilitated by its apartheid monopolies that destroy SADC industry, manufacturing and economies, to render these nations captive to a white controlled South African economy.

14. What is ironic is SADC was formed in the beginning of 1980, to reduce apartheid South African influence on independent black states in Southern Africa.

This was done to break Southern African states’ dependency on apartheid economy and to ensure that military and economic pressure could be put to bear on apartheid South Africa, to end apartheid and to break dependency on imperial capital.

As a result, after 14 years of SADC military and economic pressure on apartheid South Africa, apartheid was brought to an end.

Then in a counter revolutionary move, ANC decided not to dismantle these apartheid companies (apartheid economic weapons).

Instead, majority rule gave these apartheid companies that were fighting against SADC, legitimacy and a lifeline as they were brought into SADC trade agreements and global trade once again.

This in turn opened up SADC industries and businesses to unfair competition from unjustly enriched apartheid monopolies that cannibalized SADC’s fragile companies.

Today, many Africans can't live in their countries because of the collective impact of colonialism, western sabotage and South African sponsored neo-colonialism.

So, in as much as South Africa has accepted African refugees into its boarders, many of those refugees are a direct result of South Africa’s role in fostering neo-colonialism on the continent.

It’s imperative that our economists and politicians begin to study this phenomenon as we rush into a AFCFTA (Africa Free Continental Trade Agreement) which has a council led by a South African.

Black South Africans are victims of this system that I have highlighted above, however, they are also beneficiaries of the destruction and exploitation of fellow African countries, hence they are the most vociferous critiques of fellow Africans who liberated them.

My next installment I will write about how ISCOR and Anglo America destroyed Zimbabwe’s ZISCO Steel with the connivance of Austria’s VoestApline, IMF and the apartheid government.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare. Marketing Strategist for Frontline Strat Marketing, Founder of ZASM and ZUAUWS anti-sanctions civil society organizations.

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