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This is Scott Sakupwanya, a man who has had a gold buying license for over 17yrs and later got a gold mining license. He is someone taking full advantage of the vast opportunities that the Zimbabwean government has given to black Zimbabweans for them to become wealthy from our vast precious metals.

Just in this main image alone, Scott is holding over US$9mil of gold, and in the last six months while those tied to the westernized urban economy were impoverished by COVID lockdowns, he [aligned to the rural economy] amassed gold inventory of over US$25mil from mining and gold buying, making many haters bitter.

Over the years I have made numerous videos alerting people to the huge opportunity in Zimbabwe, encouraging Zimbabweans, South Africans, African Americans, Nigerians and other Africans with money to come to Zimbabwe and invest in cheap mineral claims while the opportunity still exists, so that we can stop the Europeans and Chinese from taking up all these opportunities in our country.

However, black people (particularly Zimbabweans) didn’t take heed and so a few people like Scott, the Chinese and Russians are milking it while the ignorant petty politick and demarket their country.

They don’t realize that their country has huge opportunity for those who are prepared to get dirty, create the relationships and invest money to unlock value.

No where else in Africa do natives have such easy access to the mineral wealth of their countries like Zimbabweans. This is why that country [Zimbabwe] is the biggest threat to the US and her western allies because they [westerners] need Zimbabwean resources that our government is giving our people access to enrich themselves. They also know that the US got rich by licensing white American peasant artisanal miners (closing out the British and Europeans) to dig for gold and silver alongside slavery in the Indian colony of America and that’s how the United States generated the US$143tril wealth (40% of the world’s wealth) that they used to overtake Britain and Europe to become the world’s superpower.

On the other hand, in most other parts of Africa, the majority of natives die without ever seeing, later on touching gold dust because their countries have reserved resources only for former colonizers to render natives slaves of the colonizers in countries endowed with wealth.

Due to the same slave mentality among urban Zimbabweans, many uneducated, clever, rural black Zimbabweans have become US dollar millionaires from mining Zimbabwean gold, chrome, manganese, lithium, diamonds and other minerals, while the educated urbanites are underperforming, waiting for Europeans to take over their resources and give them wage jobs. Others are hunting for government tenders, contracts from white [charter companies], migrating to be nurses and waiters, at the same time some are working with western governments and NGOs to divide the country so that a civil war and western invasion can put our resources back into western hands for them to get slave jobs.

This is why we see so much venomous jealousy and suspicion when a fellow black Zimbabwean is leveraging resources that the ones who are jealous are not even trying to access.

By depending on looking for jobs and contracts from white [charter] companies, many of us (me included) missed many opportunities to get rich from mineral resources and land, while people who had less privilege than us born in the cities are making it, as we wallow in petty politics, jealousy, suspicion of others, self pity and complaining.

We must introspect and be honest with ourselves: for those who want to make money but chose the salary or contract route, we screwed up, made wrong choices and so now let not our jealousy and miscalculation make us bitter.

If making money is your sole desire, swallow your pride, realize that Zimbabwe’s resources and land are your best bet of making money, then start from the bottom. Learn the ropes from those doing it, create the contacts and maybe after some years (it takes 10 000hrs to be an expert in an arena) you can also be a miner like Scott or a farmer.

Zimbabwe [as is most of Africa when it begins to give its people access to the same opportunities] is the ideal place for Africans and African American entertainers, sportspersons and millionaires to hedge their paper money to transform papers into real wealth. Black people just have to wake up to this reality.

And let it be clear to all those Zimbabweans casting aspersions on Scott, that taking images with gold that he mined with a legitimate mining license or bought with a gold buying license is not a crime. Yes, colonialism taught Africans that a black person holding gold or diamonds is an offense, BUT not in Zimbabwe. In fact, it shouldn’t be a crime anywhere in Africa for natives to hold, control and sell resources from their soils.

If you have evidence that Scott is not selling his gold to Fidelity Printers and smuggling gold out of Zimbabwe, then you should report him to the authorities (ZACC and the police) and provide the evidence. In this case, Scott has publicly shown his gold and cash inventory, so now the RBZ, ZIMRA, Fidelity and investigative journalists can easily determine if this is above board. Otherwise, let’s stop criminalizing fellow black people for merely making wealth and instead let’s learn from those who are doing it correctly.

Scott and others like him who are producing using the resources of our country (rural economy) should become the new heroes of Zimbabwe because out of their productivity shall come the artisans, mechanics and technicians who service mines and farms to create industry, jobs and generate taxes. These are the people our media should be showcasing and not some of the destructive, unproductive, social protestpreneurs and pseudo journalists who they promote. It goes without saying that if crimes that sabotage the economy are committed by those producing, the law should take its course accordingly.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare (ZUAWUS Zimbabweans Unite Against US War Sanctions)

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