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Human Commodities

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Did you know that in countries bound by International Maritime Law or Uniform Commercial Code. The moment you are born, a birth certificate is issued and your birth certificate number generates a certificate of birth.

This certificate is a bonded instrument, tradable on international markets as collateral for loans to your government.

Chances are somewhere in this world, someone is making money off your certificate of birth on the value of the potential of what you can earn in future taxes for your gvt.

What this basically means is people are commodities and our certificates of birth are Warehouse Receipts. This is why lately FICA laws require regular verification of your address. It's stock taking and verification of the address of warehoused goods. This also implies that overtime, with education, work experience, earnings, knowledge the value of the Warehouse Receipt can appreciate in value.

Accordingly, you should legally be able to redeem value from your own Ware House Receipt. This is because values for each birth certificate according to the IMF can vary from $200 000- $800 000 and you should be able to dispense your personal debt using your own security instrument.

However, most countries will dishonor this claim as the instrument belongs to them and sometimes you maybe imprisoned for making the request. Many people have been arrested for trying to unlock that value for personal use. The question then arises: who owns your instrument and how does that title emanate?

So when ever a nation loses people to migration, that nation is losing commodities to another country without reward. It also implies that when your nation can not pay its debts, your future taxes and or labor can be ceded to lender nations as payment of debt......😳😳😳😳😳

Now, take a breathe and let's reassess what the African western migration might mean in the bigger scheme of things.

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