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Hunza People

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

These are known as the Hunza people from Northern Pakistan -the oldest living tribe in the world- living in remote regions of the Himalayas.

They are known as the only community of people without cancers in the world because of their renowned organic fruit, vege and meat diet.

The people mature to very old ages with their bodies still very physically functional, no dementia, no recorded arthritis and other western afflictions.

Another source of their legendary health is the fresh waters they drink from the Himalayas.

This community is also a leading exporter of premium organic sun dried apricots and fruit to Europe.

Why can’t we sun dry our own organic local fruit and veg in Zimbabwe? Why do we also not conduct studies and write about the legendary ripe old age our grannies grow up to because of organic diets?

Organic farming is the future for nations with long term vision. But more importantly, treasuring our own unique information of our cancer free village elders is critical.

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