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I’m A Child Of The Empire

#Monomutapa Written 10/07/17

The next time you as an African say we were hunter gatherers. Please remember to specify that YOUR ancestors were hunter gathers.

The moment you say we were fighting, raiding clans who were civilized by the arrival of the white man. Remember that reference is about your people not mine. When you feel Africa needs white people to develop. Just put a disclaimer and say, your Africa needs white people to develop.

Because, my African ancestors were builders of a 1200yr old empire, builders of cities of stone hence my country is called Dzimbaba Dzemabwe. There are more than 37 such stone cities through out Dzimba Dzemabwe which spread from the Zambezi escarpment in the West, through to the port of gold (Beira) and from the Zambezi River in the North to Mapungubwe in the South.

My ancestors were architects, builders, stone masons, stoner cutters, sculptors, stone layers, civil engineers who built these functional, flourishing cities 1100yrs before the white man got here.

They aligned these cities along ley lines that link them geometrically to coordinates of other monolithic constructions like the pyramids and Inka ruins which by the way were built by our African ancestors the Olmec Xi.

I am #WanaWaMutapa, the son of kings, I am an architect, a stone layer, planner an empire builder.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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