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Life changing books Africans read.

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

My reading for this year. #WakeUpAfrica

Kwame Nkurumah-The fathe of African Nationalism , Sarah LeFanu - S is for Samora,Janon - Black Sking White Masks , Davis Macey - Frantz Fanon , Benjamin Pogrund - Robert Sobukwe

“ I'm erasing all the miseducation I have gone through for the past 39yrs. I challenge all other Africans who want to free their minds to buy some of these, share more African authors of books that enlighten us about our heroes and the African challenge.”

I'm beyond the African despot simplistic argument to describing African's situation. I'm beyond thinking British education makes one smart. I'm beyond thinking democracy is the magic pill to Africa's success. But I am pro bringing down boarders, changing our entire education system and creating our own content due to reading these books that taught me how the world works.

Let's read and pass this knowledge to our children.

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