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Lion with knives in the back.
Lion King with knives in his back,

Look, everyone knows that I was a staunch Mugabe supporter and I never liked ED much, especially when he chose to compensate white farmers and removed indigenization.

Nevertheless, I began to study his illustrious legacy and began to see him from new lenses. Based on his current performance, the man is transforming the economy in leaps and bounds, having grown it by $10 billion (the size of Rwanda’s GDP) since he came into office.

He has placed some dynamic ministers in positions of power, and the ministries are doing amazing things. The Ministry of Finance has done well with the gold coin despite failing to de-dollarize; mining is growing in leaps and bounds; the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is doing amazing things; Health is punching above its weight without the resources, by getting us removed from the TB list and reducing HIV by 98%; Justice is rationalizing laws to fit Zimbabwe; tourism is on steroids, and I could go on.

The only thing is no one is telling this story, and the story MUST and SHOULD be told. Our Commander In Chief, lacks a supportive team in some critical areas, and I think it’s because some on his team (ministers, security officials, relatives, allies and business people) covet his position and, thus, are sabotaging him.

The Gold Mafia was aided by insiders, and it’s clear for everyone to see. How do we know? By the absence of certain characters who would normally be implicated in something like this. Worse still, it’s the lackadaisical manner in which some lieutenants of the President handled the affair.

For those who have wondered how the Great Mutapa Empire fell, it was because of endless infighting and sabotage – the disease we are seeing creeping into ZANU PF, with some powerful people thinking they should be king, even though there is a capable King already at the helm.

To think that some of our own could have partnered with the enemy to produce that documentary, shows we haven’t learnt from history, of the demise of Mutapa.

So, if we are not careful, the enemy will come in and take our heritage like they did in Libya and Iraq, where collaborators partnered with the enemy to destroy their nation, only to lose out too, at the end.

We are smarter than that, Zimbabwe. We chose a President, now let us stand behind the man who represents us and stop the sabotage!

By Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.

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