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Our ancestors understood that an invasion on the nation by an external force meant the death of the nation, because the invader, just like a parasite, would suck the #lifeblood of the nation: hope, labor, people, resources, food, savings, ideas, history, culture, creations, skills, wealth and economy to build their own nation instead of MaDzimbabwe. In time this would kill our nation.

This is why in 1670, despite their internal problems in MaDzimbabwe, they sacrificed their lives to fight the Portuguese. In 1896 they rose to fight the English and 1965, against all odds they took on the Rhodesians and defeated them to liberate the nation from subjugation.

They knew that without our lifeblood and national endowments, the nation was doomed and its people destined to be slaves building the empires of others.

Today, we are fighting to make our people realize that sanctions are a foreign invasion by the same foreign enemies that our ancestors fought, who are still endeavoring to take our lifeblood and make us slaves to build their nations, while our own nation dies.

Irrespective of the issues we might have with each other in the nation, as long as we are not sleeping with the enemy, our lifeblood remains in our hands.

This is why we don’t fight to destroy each other, even when we wrong each other, but we fight to make those who are not serving the nation realize the national interest, to unite the nation in protecting our lifeblood.

This lifeblood is our national interest and for now, because we are holding onto our lifeblood: each other, hope, our resources, land, savings, human talent, wealth, culture, institutions and territory, we are a very privileged people with so much we can use to rebuild.

We also have much to lose, hence we are fighting to make each and every Zimbabwean understand that what we have in our hands is worth protecting with our hearts and lives because we are the ancestors of the future generations.

Many nations lost this privilege ages ago because of a lack of vision, let us be better ancestors for our future generations by protecting our lifeblood because the future depends on it.

Rutendo Matinyarare mwana waBereza.

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