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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Dear Brian,

We have read your letter to the Zimbabwean government with great anguish.

Most concerning about your missive was the tone, condescension, hypocrisy and double standards exhibited in your failed attempt to delegitimize our government by preaching human rights and democracy to us. It’s particularly galling because you are a citizen of this bastion of democracy that was built by the blood and sweat of your enslaved ancesters, but, it still rejects you and your people, treating you like pariahs in your own country.

You serve a white supremacist government as its colonial administrator in Africa's most revolutionary country [Zimbabwe], promoting the collective punishment of innocent Zimbabwean civilians through unilateral US sanctions that deprive these people the enjoyment of their human rights.

The fact that you represent this criminal order known as the United States and then purport to preach democracy, is indicative of the schizophrenia and psychopathy you US envoys suffer from.

The United States Can Not Preach Democracy.

Let's be under no illusion, the United States is not a nation or a democracy, but a criminal occupation that is primitively accumulating unjust enrichment [US$143tril or 40% of global wealth] for an elite cabal of less than a thousand white and Jewish families who have used ordinary Americans to:

• butcher native American Indians, dispossessing them of their land, oil and minerals;

• perpetuating chattel slavery and the economic exclusion of Africans from whom free, unpaid labor was [and is still] extracted to build white wealth;

• visiting destabilization, genocidal murder and pillage of black and brown people across the globe for their oil, minerals, labor and markets;

• supporting racist imperialist European pivots and

• destroying the environment for the profits of western banking, manufacturing, technology, biotech and military industries to maintain white supremacy.

The US Is The Greatest Cancer Upon The World.

All the great wars from the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf to the Congo war, have been instigated by your country for the advancement of the same cabal.

Today, leading American corporations and foundations are the leaders of eugenics, inimical biotechnology, toxic pharmaceuticals and destructive manufacturing that are destroying the environment, killing hundreds of millions of people and your race in particular.

In America, abortion, driven by the American medical industry and Planned Parenthood is the leading killer of African Americans, followed by engineered poverty as witnessed by disproportionate black deaths from hypertension, cancer, HIV, medical errors and COVID19.

This is exacerbated by US police who kill over 350 black people every year, many of whom are lynched by rightwing racist cops as we saw with George Floyd. Contrary to your's and O'Brien's spin, most of these modern day murders see no justice, in the same way they never saw justice during slavery and Jim Crow.

This makes the United States an Orwellian dictatorship, corrupted by the psychosis of white pseudo-morality and supremacy, which has become a scourge upon the world. It's the last nation to preach human rights or democracy to any other nation when those values remain unattainable for the citizens of one of the most acrimonious societies in the world.

Zimbabwe Compared To The US.

Contrast that with the Zimbabwean government that brought democracy to the Zimbabwean people, decolonized the country without colonial reparations, took on Rhodesian colonial debt and underdevelopment to educate its black population better than the US has educated African Americans. It restored the dispossessed with their dignity by giving them back their ancestral land and resources to bring back hope to all oppressed aboriginal people across the world, including the subjugated American Indian.

Zimbabwe has changed international legal precedence to make restitution and emancipation of previously colonized peoples a precept of justice, equality and international legal custom. A far cry from the tyranny and crime that is America, hence, your principals see Zimbabwe as a threat to their world order because it reminds your government that it owes restitution and reparations [+$51tril] to American Indians and African Americans, plus the moral obligation of paying damages for the crime against humanity of the Doctrine of Discovery.

At no time have you seen Zimbabwean police systematically murder citizens based on their ethnicity, but, murdering black people has become a sport for US police, that even the United Nations has issued a statement condemning this black holocaust.

Unlike your government letting the national guard loose on citizens protesting centuries of institutionalized racism. Our government only deploys security forces to deliver the constitutional mandate of protecting citizens, property and national security from illegal and violent protests sponsored by your government to overthrow a democratically elected government in pursuit of ZDERA's Regime Change agenda.

We also have never seen the Zimbabwean army attacking sovereign nations or exerting extra-jurisdictional laws to wrestle their resources and drive our military industrial complex for the profit of a few investors and bankers as your nation does.

Our industries do not manufacture toxic pharmaceuticals and food to destroy organic seeds, effective organic medicine, nature, biodiversity and immunity for corporate profit. Zimbabwean citizens do not engineer viruses, diseases, hunger, scarcity or biological weapons to kill off other ethnicities as your Rockefeller, Carnegie, Koch, Gates and other American oligarchs do.

Your Letter Is Propaganda.

Your letter was propaganda written specifically to maintain a lie to justify the collective punishment of innocent Zimbabwean civilians through the economic blockades, embargoes, unilateral and racist illegal economic sanctions that your country has on Zimbabwe, in contravention of human rights law and international law. These coercive economic measures have killed thousands of Zimbabweans and displaced millions into being refugees in the SADC region, just because our government went to Mozambique and Congo to stop the tyranny of MNR, Rwandan and Ugandan terrorists who your government was sponsoring.

You have lied to the Zimbabwean people that they are suffering due to government corruption, knowing full well that they are suffering because of US economic pogroms aimed at our black resistance. So how can you purport to care about the few Zimbabwean lives you mention when you are responsible for tens of thousands of Zimbabwean deaths and displacements?

You making reference to abductions and the disappearance of Itayi Dzamara is an oxymoron, considering that you have presided over the demise of many lives in Zimbabwe, while your country has also caused the deaths of over 3.1mil Arabs, Africans and Muslims since 911 [September 2001] over and above the 100mil who perished in global wars started by your capitalists in the previous century.

Another issue with you referencing Itayi Dzamara is no one really knows what happened to this son of the soil. All we know is whoever took Itayi was institutionally equipped to break our nation's laws. That impunity could either be our government illegally exerting extrajudicial power, rogue agents of the same or more insidiously the covert activities of western powers like yours and or proxies hellbent on destabilizing the country to effect the aimed regime change.

The same could be said about the recent rise in amateurish abductions, which are uncharacteristic of the Zimbabwean government's modus operandi. That's before I raise the obvious fact that there could be no advantage for an African government seeking to reengage the west and gain broader international solidarity to abduct its own citizens.

Its clear that our government is dedicated to reengage the west, hence they tolerate your arrogance instead of dismissing you with the contempt you deserve. So why would they abduct citizens in such a clumsy manner but let you get away with breaking diplomatic protocols?

Targeting Civilians Is The American Way.

Targeting civilians is the culture of your government that participated in sinking the Lusitania, killing over 1195 people (including 128 Americans) to extract public consent to enter the First World War.

It's your government that killed civilians in the invasion of Haiti in 1915 on false pretenses to annex its gold reserves, iridium and to control economic activity in this the centerpiece of African revolution against slavery.

Your government allowed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, manufacturing public consent to enter the Second World War and drop nuclear weapons on innocent civilians in Nagasaki and Hiroshima for the purpose of destroying Japan's financial and industrial power.

WW1 and 2 killed tens of millions of people under the falsehood of fighting Nazism and Fascism, yet it was all to bring the global economy into the ambit of Anglo Saxon, Jewish banking control.

This is why after those great wars, America rendered Japan and Germany vassals in Eurasia, embraced Nazi criminals, taking them into the US establishment to set up pieces of the CIA, NIA and the military industry.

Contaminating The Geopolitical Chessboard.

The same government would sponsor civil wars in Italy, Greece, Indonesia and various South American countries to force fascist right wing governments upon the citizens of those countries.

The Martial Plan underpinned it's program on the continued exploitation of African resources by maintaining colonialism and cursing us with the Morgenthau Plan. This is despite the fact that America had championed the United Nations and its human rights declaration, which clearly were not meant for dark skinned peoples.

In the Middle East, your evil government and her Berlin Conference Cabal [allies] destroyed the balance of power, overthrew popular governments by manipulating citizens through sanctions, fomenting divisions in the Muslim body and using wars to control the oil and build the petrol dollar.

Congo was destabilized, Lemumba murdered and the Helms Amendement was crafted by your legislators to justify sponsoring rebel forces in Angola, Mozambique and Africa to sabotage popular socialist governments that seek to put national resources [national wealth] into the hands of their people.

Meanwhile, in Rhodesia the Byrd Amendment was created to allow America to bust Rhodesian sanctions. Kissinger tried to sabotage the formation of Zimbabwe by allowing US mercenaries to enter the war and give Smith the laboratory grade Cholera and Anthrax spores that his government put into civilian water bodies.

South Africa's apartheid government reigned for as long as it did, murdering black Azanians because your racist government supported and sponsored it. They gave it nuclear weapons and leading military technology to project white power in Africa, and as soon as a black government ascended, it decommissioned the same weapons. All this was done for the United States to control global finance, oil and minerals to maintain the dominance of white power through the petrol dollar.

This is why we can't put it past your agents murdering Dzamara or abducting people to create an environment of instability in Zimbabwe as they have done in Greece, Nicaragua, Gautamala, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Cuba, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq and many others.

We are now at a point where we feel relations with the United States pose a bigger threat to Zimbabwe than it benefits us because your imperialist government is working to undermine our democracy for the maintenance of white supremacy. Sadly, our government is naively committed to supping with the devil for whom you, a black brother, are the viceroy effecting evil mechanizations to perpetuate the suffering of Zimbabweans to foment civil unrest or create grounds for your government to intervene militarily.

You are a disgrace and the proverbial house ni&&a, if not a black cra...ker. History will judge you harshly Brian because the future is African. The era of white supremacy is coming to an end, hence their desperation to project white power with prejudice. You are on the wrong side of history my brother.


Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

Zimbabweans Unite Against US War Sanctions (ZUAUWS)

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