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Pfumbvudza is a brilliant idea, but after the failure of AGRA’s high input industrial farming scheme in Africa, Pfumbvudza can only succeed if it breaks Zimbabwe’s dependency on costly, high input farming that relies on western owned cashcrop, hybrid seeds, chemicals and fertilizer which make farming unsustainable and unaffordable for rural farmers.

Over the past two decades, low agricultural output has been blamed on droughts, land reform and sanctions, however, a major issue is farming has become unaffordable for rural farmers who once produced enough to feed over 70% of the population.

The reason being, government made rural farmers dependent fertilizers that destroy our soils; low nutrition, water thirsty, hybrid seeds that reduce yields overtime; putting those farmers on a pay-you-go-food-production system that has made it costly and unproductive for millions of rural farmers to produce food in low rainfall.

To make rural farmers productive again, Pfumbvudza must encourage farmers to breed traditional seeds, adapt them to climate and pests, to lower production costs, improve yields and reduced dependence on foreign seeds.

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Joshua Jaja
Joshua Jaja
May 23, 2021

Ndaona matambura mukoma nechiperengo chezwi rekuti PFUMVUDZA iri 😃😃.


I agree with the valid points you have raised that the programme needs to be less costly to the farmer while at the same time encouraging organic seeds/ varieties which we have always been using from old (makare).

It's true that punting these western seeds will only make us slaves to their continued lab experiments.

We end up behaving almost like a nation hooked on 'seed & fertiliser drug' - we will stuck in it and can't come out.

However, as a starting point, hurumende had to work with what's there, so will not faulter them for the 1st 2 seasons. 🤷🏾‍♂️