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✅ In Zimbabwe we have more than 45mil hectares of land. 16mil hectares of that are prime land.

✅ It takes just 1/6th of a hectare to produce enough grain, vegetables and beans to feed a family of six people for a whole year when using intensive farming techniques.

✅ One hectare of land is able to produce between 1-20tons of maize or 1-60tons of beans or 1-80 ton of vegetables like pumpkin.

✅ This means that 1 hectare of land can feed 36-106 people, therefore we need at least about 444444hectares of our land prime to be intensively cultivated to feed the whole country.

✅ Most families in Zimbabwe on average have 10 hectares of land in their mother and father’s villages sitting idol.


✅ Start off by each and every person with money paying jobless relatives to farm at least 1hectare of land in our mother and father’s villages to produce enough to feed their family. Don’t send handouts for them to spend.

✅ Then persuade other employed family members to sponsor farming of an extra hectare or two of the remaining 9 hectares to generate more food to sell at market.

✅ After harvest reinvest proceeds over the next few years to erect a fence, borehole, irrigation, solar, biogas, livestock pens and use more land to produce food for the family, livestock and sale.

✅ Biogas plant gives free organic fertilizer to keep the soil fertile, gas to cook or even electricity.

✅ If we collectively invest in fences, boreholes, irrigation, solar, biogas and home improvements we mitigate drought while creating millions of jobs for installers and maintainers of these facilities.

✅ Surplus agri-produce will require canning and packaging for sale. This drives agro-processing and manufacture of components and replacement parts for the farm and processing factories.

✅ This creates jobs, more people make money from farming, agro-processing and servicing the farmers. Money circulates and we create demand for more products and new industries grow.

✅ People bank what they earn, banks start lending money to more people who are producing and our banking system starts working rather than money being peddled on the black market.

✅ Those with no money can also join others in contributing small amounts in farming cooperatives

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