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For the past two years, I have been attempting to reach a crucial minister to discuss ZASM’s case in South Africa. However, every time we try to connect, the minister is embroiled in the never-ending election cycle from primary elections, then national elections and soon after, by-elections.

Recently, the same minister lost the ZANU PF primary elections, which raises the question as to why he put so much effort in electioneering instead of dealing with pressing national issues such as this nation impacting sanctions case.

The incumbent President is currently facing sabotage from those within his own ranks. This is because everyone knows that the next term is the President's last term, which means few individuals are interested in supporting his vision because they are now jostling for position in the hopes of becoming the next president or aligning themselves with the upcoming candidate who will replace him.

This constant election cycle leads to a lack of focus on governance and service delivery as everyone is busy seeking power and position instead of addressing the needs of the country.

If the current President wins the next election, this lack of support for his agenda will only continue for the next five years. No one will listen to him or follow his lead because everyone is trying to align themselves with the future President.

So when will the officials serve the nation when they are focused on where they will be in the next ten years.

The government and the country need stability and long-term planning, not short-term politics. Zimbabwe cannot thrive when elected officials are perpetually jostling for position, as it results in political chaos rather than service delivery.

In conclusion, Zimbabwe needs to rethink its Presidential term limits and election cycle. The country must focus on national stability and long-term planning to ensure progress over musical chairs for positions.

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