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I am challenging those of you who claim that CORRUPTION is affecting Zimbabwe more than SANCTIONS to prove scientifically that corruption affects the country more than sanctions that have:

• been imposed on government, its municipalities [that deliver public services to the people], parastatals, banks, industry [that creates jobs] and investors who invest in the country.

• blocked loans for redevelopment, reconstruction, capital accumulation and debt cancelation to increase our debt burden;

• blocking the development of infrastructure, provision of energy, transport, communication, banking, capital formation and service provision;

• blocked international payment processing;

• lost the country 101 corresponding international banking relationships to leave only 9 and hinder international trade;

• prohibit investment;

• prohibits retooling, the buying of machines, technology, software, sharing of information and receiving assistance;

• blocking Zimbabwe from participating in international trade all of which has resulted in:

1. The lack of jobs.

2. Displacement of over 4mil people into being refugees, losing the country over $183bil in their mental, economic and social contributions and opportunity cost over 18yrs;

3. Loss of hundreds of thousands of lives by denying people clean water, sanitation, medication, food, healthcare and social services;

4. Lost the country $48bil in trade;

5. Lost the SADC region over $90bil in trade, ripple effects and opportunity cost;

6. Destroyed infrastructure at a replacement cost of $23bil.

You must prove the argument mathematically by:

1. Quantifying the corruption;

2. Verifying and proving the corruption you quantify beyond reasonable doubt;

3. Showing its impact on the economy;

4. Proving that sanctions busting is not being bundled with corruption;

5. Proving that sanctions have not contributed to causing the corruption or discounting the impact of sanctions on corruption.

6. Conducting a REGRESSION ANALYSIS and CORRELATION COEFFICIENT to Illustrate that the economic conditions we are facing are caused by corruption and not sanctions.

I have also asked people to explain why the United States Congress, it’s super power President and the entire western world bother imposing illegal sanctions, meeting to debate them and renew them every year for 18yrs if corruption is already destroying Zimbabwe.

Why does Chamisa fight for the maintenance of sanctions if he knows that corruption is the one destroying the country and corrupt people keep prospering at the expense of the people.

Why was Zimbabwe one of the best run economies in Africa for 21yrs under the same government before sanctions and it only started struggling only after sanctions.

Why were there no refugees coming out of Zimbabwe before 2001?

If you can’t prove your argument, then the corruption argument must end.

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