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Raising Mutapa

A nation is its history and heritage which consists of mistakes, failures, lessons, successes, achievements, creations, dreams, inspiration, hopes, will, strength to rise, ability to rise, passion, love, common interest, sacrifice and the ability to do.

Dzimba Dzemabwe [Zimbabwe] is going through what every other great nation has been through and what determines her definition is not her now but how WE decide to look at ourselves, our heritage and use that to inspire us to mould our circumstances today, to build a better tomorrow.

70yrs ago the Chinese lost 30-40mil citizens in its revolution, and upon those ashes they built the China we see today, but never forget, this rise was a continuation, inspired by a legacy that goes back 1500yrs. The Chinese didn’t lie down and die during hardship, they didn’t look to other nations to rise them up, they took the inspiration from who they are in their hearts as a people and rose.

How do we as vana va Mutapa see ourselves? We are the children of a 1100yr old heritage, children of the molders of granite, layers of stone walls, diggers of gold, polishers of diamond and emeralds, builders of cities of stone and great traders with the world.

There were only six empires on the continent and ours is only paralleled by the great Egyptian and Kushite Empires. Our empire spread from The Zambezi valley in the north through to Mapungubwe in the South, and from the Zambezi escarpment in the west to Beira Port in the East.....

This empire was acclaimed to be the source of King Solomon’s mines, the land of the mythical Ophir written about in many a European and Arabic texts, igniting English explorers and jingoists like Rhodes to come to Mutapa in search of Ophir. The land of the Zimbabwe soap stone bird that Rhodes used as a talisman for Rhodesia and the Rhodes Foundation.

This is who we are, this is our heritage. Somewhere in our hearts burns a fire of this greatness, the power to create talismans that give inspiration to the dreams of men like Rhodes, the ability to cut stone and build houses of stone.

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