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Retirement Or Coup

The impasse between the military and Mugabe, with Mugabe refusing to step down and insisting on calling the military action treason in the hope of getting the military to retreat or have their action pronounced a coup, is now posing a risk to the whole SADC region if not handled strategically.

SADC would benefit more from coercing Mugabe to capitulate and step down voluntarily, more than them registering this as a coup and escalating the situation in Zimbabwe to a potential military confrontation or the sanctioning of Zimbabwe to protect a leader for the second time after being rejected by his people.

Mugabe’s leadership is no longer tenable for Zimbabweans....this is now fait accompli. He has reached a point of irreconcilable differences with his subordinates and employers [us the citizens]. In other words, SADC gains nothing by trying to pursue bureaucratic due process for his now revoked constitutional mandate.

In fact, the fact that he refuses to step down in this fragile situation is a clear illustration that his leadership is self serving and not considerate of the people or the region, but, it’s all about him and his selfish interests. This is contrary to the expectations of a democrat and his SADC Organ mandate to serve, safe guard the safety and security of his people and the region, hence the same self centeredness is why we are removing him from power.

To balance the negotiations, I think we should bring back Grace and the kids from where they have been given refuge. Introduce them back into the risky situation of Zimbabwe like normal Zimbabweans so that Mugabe negotiates with something to lose like every other Zimbabwean.....That way he will consider stepping down and signing the agreement more pragmatically.

So long SADC are protecting his family, giving them preferential treatment and he has nothing to lose in a one sided negotiation, SADC is giving him an unfair advantage over the average Zimbabwean. Not only that but it vindicates them making laws and treaties that insulate regional leaders from being held accountable by their citizens in the event of their armies identifying them as threats to national security.

We can’t have Zimbabweans suffering again for Mugabe’s comfort as has become the pattern over the years because it’s clear that our army will not be flexible on this point.

Pressuring Mugabe to step down by having his family on the ground in Zimbabwe is the path of least resistance, otherwise we are risking fracturing regional relations and ushering in instability that will facilitate neo-colonialists to opportunistically entrench in the region.

Mugabe and his family must be sacrificed if he won’t sacrifice his ego for the 400mil people of the region.

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