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Sies On You Mapaila The Concubine Of White Capital...

Last week I was angered by Solly Mapaila’s weak attempt at rewriting history by advancing the false narrative that Robert Sobukwe was given preferential treatment by the apartheid government because he was colluding with them.

It’s inconceivable how Solly conveniently overlooked the material facts that Robert Sobukwe SERVED and COMPLETED his full 3yr sentence of hard labor on Robin Island as an exceptional prisoner.

At the end of his sentence, instead of being released. He was separated from his fellow comrades and thrown into an indefinite period of solitary confinement in a sparsely furnished house on the island.

This is in stark contrast to Mapaila’s fabrication that Sobukwe was living in comfort in a house with the luxury of a radio while fellow political prisoners were suffering because he was in the service of the apartheid government.

The reality is a radio can hardly qualify as a luxury, particularly for a man who had been unjustly incarcerated [in the first place] for seeking the right to move freely without a pass in his own country.

It’s even less of a luxury for a man who had completed his unjust sentence to then have a special clause passed by an illegitimate parliament in his name [The Sobukwe Clause], on the back of a draconian instrument called the Suppression Of Communism Act, to hold him indefinitely.

It’s common knowledge that the apartheid government extrajudicially and consecutively extended Sobukwe’s sentence yearly for 6yrs, precisely because they feared a leader like him going back into a society of people hungry for leadership and freedom.

All this because he successfully rallied black people to COLLECTIVELY leave their passes at home and deny their labor to the South African apartheid [capitalist] economy on the day of the Sharpville Massacres.

On that day, Sobukwe and the PAC brought the South African economy to a grinding halt that would last for weeks. Only to end after the army had gone door-to-door, torturing and beating people to force them to return to work.

For an economy that was driven by foreign direct investment seeking high returns from the exploitation of black labor. The unity of black labor in cutting off its muscle to industry on this day, almost brought apartheid to a crushing end.

No other political party had ever been this successful against apartheid and no other would be as successful after, up until the fall of apartheid.

Of all the weapons that had been deployed against apartheid in the past. The one of a nation of workers collectively leaving their passes and systematically withdrawing their labor from industry, hit at the heart of the colonial apartheid capitalist system.

It was so effective that it immediately made Sobukwe the number one threat, not only to the apartheid government, but its global capital backers who were reaping the highest profits in the world from South Africa.

In haste, global capitalists represented by the Engelharts, Oppenheimers and bankers met with the apartheid government to find a way to remove Sobukwe from South African society for good.

The result was a three year jail term accompanied by six extended years in solitary confinement on Robin Island and his last years exiled under house arrest in the remote Northern Cape.

This culminated in Robert contracting cancer in prison and his untimely death a few years after being released from prison.

Solitary confinement is said to have almost led to him losing his mind from lack of human contact, his failure to attend his mother’s funeral, his inability to be with his family and the anguish caused by not knowing when his sentence would end.

As common cause, many suspect that during this period of solitary confinement he was administered carcinogens (probably made by Anglo’s AECI explosives and chemical subsidiary) that caused the cancer that killed him in the same way it would be used to kill Bob Marley a few years later.

Further to that, Sobukwe’s absence from the political scene destroyed the only potent political movement with the capacity of breaking apartheid.

With the demise of the PAC, the masses of South Africa were left leaderless in the hands of a tame and irrelevant ANC that had sold-out by signing the freedom charter, essentially legalizing apartheid and black dispossession.

With PAC and the weaponization of the pass and black labor out of the way, capitalists could now work at their own pace for a legalized form of apartheid under a compromised black government that would ensure that black South Africans continue to be dispossessed slaves and indentured labor for the profit of owners of primitively accumulated capital.

The extended incarceration of Sobukwe resurrected the impotent ANC and its Jewish controlled alliance. While it deprived the Sobukwe family of a son and father and South Africa a fearless, principled leader who was not willing to compromise with apartheid

Mapaila’s inability to articulate these material facts, illustrates the cancerous self-serving culture that has crept into the ANC and it’s emasculated alliance in its service to the Broederbond and the Jewish agenda.

This is why it’s critical for us as a young generation of Africans to ensure that our history is not rewritten by these spineless cowards who bend over for stratcom agents in the dead of night for individual gain.

Moreover, it’s these same lousy communists and union leaders like Mapaila and his alliance allies, who have become the gluttonous beneficiaries of democratic unionism and union investment companies financed by Ferreira, Rupert, and Oppenheimer.

They have become primitive accumulators of capital in return for whipping the workers [on behalf of capital] to ensure that never again will South African workers systematically and collectively withhold their labor from capital.

It’s for this reason why we saw labor and the communists turning against Jacob Zuma, to take sides with the slave masters under the false pretense of fighting state capture, when in reality their masters are the real captors of our state.

Our unions, socialists and communists are now capital owners and slave masters of the workers [they are meant to be serving] on a lunch ticket given to them by apartheid capital.

I’m angered by this revisionism by Mapaila at a time when we are trying to teach our children the true history of greats like Sobukwe, Biko and Hani. Greats who have been demonized by fellow black leaders who have sold the poor of this nation to those who have dispossessed our people.

The truth is if Robert Sobukwe was in collusion with whites he would have been released before his time, his family endowed with tenders and ambassadorial positions and he would have lived a full life supported by the best medical care in the world like Madiba.

We would be celebrating 69 minutes of Robert Sobukwe Day and not those of the Trojan Horse. Sandton would be Robert Sobukwe City and we would be going for holidays in Robert Sobukwe Bay.

Just because the likes of Mapaila have become concubines of the Rothschilds’ should not give them the right to spit on the graves of our heroes.

- Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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